Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 13:27:58 No.2390 del
> Fukushima
>Combine this with the "microplastics"
I don't believe Fukushima put enough particulates into the ocean to affect solar absorption. Microplastics, on the other hand, might be widespread enough to do so in a limited way. Finding them in virtually all marine life is a tell.
However, I think the current thinking is that the reflection and absorption of solar energy from particulates in the atmosphere dwarfs those effects.
I'm not climate change guy, but particulates in the atmosphere is an anthropogenic product.

If one searches "effects of particulates on solar absorption" they'll find a lot of info on solar absorption and reflection in the atmosphere. These effects would have more effect on atmospheric heating than warming the oceans. I will grant that a warmer atmosphere will transfer some of that heat to surface water. That is possibly to account for the warming we're seeing in the article, and which was entirely ignored in the article.