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2018-04-09 - BRIDGEPORT, Alabama — Internet giant Google today officially launched construction of a $600 million data center in Alabama with a groundbreaking ceremony at the site in Jackson County. The project will create as many as 100 full-time jobs and create massive economic ripples.

2018-06-15 - HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Facebook is planning to spend $750 million to build the next of its sprawling data center campuses in Huntsville. After receiving the green light from local officials to buy 340 acres in North Huntsville Industrial Park for $8.5 million in May.

2019-09-09 - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Monday announced an antitrust investigation into Google, with the participation of 50 attorneys general. The probe comes as Silicon Valley faces increasing scrutiny from the government over what critics say are monopolistic business practices.

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