Anonymous 09/11/2019 (Wed) 05:03:54 No.2498 del
Look at this...and reconcile.

Not sure if you are from 8 (but I will assume you are) and I don't know if you were there the night the board basically splintered because of changes BO had arbitrarily made to QRESEARCH (removing the notables from each bread & putting them in a separate thread & not to mention the CAPTCHA insanity and heavy flak from shills, etc.)...I think it was July 13th, but I'm not certain.
When the board split, a new board/bunker was created & a few dozen of us migrated there. The first or second night this subject came up and a lot of ground was covered on it-and it almost felt like we made a breakthrough of sorts. I can' recall all of the details but A.L.I.C.E. stood for Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity.
When some Anon brought up this old crumb (Q drop 74) which most of us, including myself, had all but forgotten about-it took on a whole new significance. I know I screencapped the hell out of our theories/info/etc../that was covered but it would take me days to find it. But I thought I'd drop this here for Anons to ponder.