Anonymous 10/31/2019 (Thu) 20:42:10 No.28107 del
(650.29 KB 1259x906 FB sign up.PNG)
(270.91 KB 1294x788 mccain institute.PNG)
(264.55 KB 1126x963 UN on human rights.PNG)
What else does the McCain Institute advance and support?
Check out

Straight up encouraging activism on leftist propaganda.
Look at that picture. What is with the hand signs and the weirdly placed triangle in the middle?
If you want to join any of these 'movements' you are asked to sign up. Handy that you can use your Facebook account, isn't it?
Remember what we learned about Facebook and 3rd party apps? This is one of those.
"Careful who you follow" takes on even more meaning now.