Anonymous 11/27/2019 (Wed) 20:24:13 No.41692 del
>>41014 anon decode of Calm before the Storm
>>41033 (you), >>41039, >>41034 (you), >>41035 (you), >>41036 (you), >>41037 Potus twat misspells/decodes
>>41044 @kimguilfoyle economy has created a whopping 6.4 million jobs,
57 percent of these jobs have gone to women
>>41053, >>41074, >>41077 Atlantic Council.Org/Millennium Fellowship/Schiff staffer Sean Misko/McAuliffe/Whitehouse/Burisma/Ukraine
>>41091 'It’s only one side’s perspective': Carter Page slams FISA report as 'sloppy'
>>41093 RBG hospilized for fever/chills
>>41100 Whistleblower and Leaker Lt. Col. Vindman Accuses John Solomon of Lying, John Solomon Responds with a 28 Point List and a Warning
>>41115 2016 elections AntAC/Ukraine
>>41116,>>41132 Pentagon Pedophile Task Force ask Florida Governor Ron DeSantis implement Operation Feral Porcine/Timothy Holmseth
>>41123 C_A/Darpa twats Your tax dollars hard at work!
>>41125 State Dept records Guiliani/Pompeo/Ukraine
>>41135, >>41136, >>41148 Jerome corsi)/Aldobrandini Fam connect
>>41140 Q with cap
>>41150, >>41152 DS message to the Watkins?
>>41161 Lee County sheriff being investigated for fraud
>>41164 Monsanto Pays Out $10 Million For Spraying Toxic Chemicals On Hawaiian Crops

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