Anonymous 11/28/2019 (Thu) 03:01:01 No.41728 del
>>40641 Burisma In Ukraine is Owned By Brociti Greek Company
>>40642 The email revealed that “GS”
>>40659 (P) Is Romania compliant with the EU legislation regarding money laundering?
>>40678 keep in mind LeVant papad energy cypress
>>40680 Moldova
>>40687 >>40692 Mesopotamia
>>40698 Islamic State's financial withdrawal poses big anti-laundering challenge
>>40699 Atlantic Council > Soros
>>40716 Joe Biden touched down in Bucharest Romania
>>40723 US Vice President Joe Biden arrives to Cyprus (Photos added)
>>40725 our views as regards the Cyprus problem
>>40726 Joe Biden assures Anastasiades he is at his disposal to help
>>40728 We've got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.
>>40729 The LeVant News
>>40731 >>40737 >>40741 Maps of the Levant
>>40734 Egypt is not often thought of as part of the Levant

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