Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 05:37:01 No.41829 del

>>41700, >>41701 Soros philosophy and it's fatal flaw, his response
>>41714 Keep in mind LeVant, PapaD, energy, Cyprus
>>41719 Trump accomplishments
>>41742 Need to connect US money buying weapons and sending to ISIS, energy co's and money laundering in play.
>>41762 paris accord, we send money, money washed through Ukraine/Romania, sent to Soros who sends it to Isis in Moldova?
>>41764, >>41787 Qdrop mil intel graphic
>>41793 Operation USMCA Dec 4th
>>41806 Alabam, Ukraine, Romania, UN, Moldova darkweb hubs? What was on the servers?Trafficking?
>>41814 Should these Sens. recuse themselves from sitting as a juror at Senate #Impeachment Trial?
>>41828 Adam Shiff Daughter dating whistleblower?