Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 19:09:18 No.41853 del
I don't trust John Huber. What has he done to deserve it? while digging on Romney's connection to the polygamist cult that fled to Mexico I noticed the Huber's joined them. John's father Edward Huber was in military intelligence and was also part of a construction company in Utah that received government contracts. His wife Lori Ann Clayton Huber is an attorney in Magna, UT and John is very high up in the LDS church as was his father Bishop Huber. The family has been part of the church all the way back to Brigham Young. Why does his Wikipedia not contain any family relations? He has 7 brothers and sisters, one sister is a Peterson, I wonder if there is a connection to the child trafficking Peterson in AZ. Why hasn't there been any digs on Huber? Q said disinformation was necessary so why blindly trust Huber? Warren Jeff"s cult existed for years under his watch.