Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 02:54:34 No.41882 del
Interdasting that Italian connection. No sauce on this but kind of watching yachts as a boatfag. Some of them have pretty awsome antenna arrays. Wonder if they might hang around a country to pick up electronic chatter. Think about it. Nobody hassles yachts. Especially if they have a British ensign like from Caymans. You have a pretty large platform, dome yachts being quite big. Park a yacht in someone’s harbor, “kick the hornet’s nest” and listen for any panicked communications.

Have seen one yacht that was seen in La Romana, near Punta Cana, that went to Nice and Cannes then laid off Italy and Sicily duringvtime Barr was there. It’s now off Tarragona, Spain and has been there a while. Coincidence that Nancy Pelosi and her delegation are/were in Spain for that clinate conference in Madrid? Would’ve been nice to have a spy-ship disguised as a yacht on the coast to pick up chatter from Deep Staters there. There only for the purposes of a climate change conference?