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>At the same time the U.S. Navy was developing Moon-bounce transmissions, the National Security Agency (NSA) had begun developing signals intelligence (SIGINT) collecting ships.
>In 1961, the NSA commissioned its first SIGINT ship, the Private Jose F. Valdez, which cruised the coast of Africa Soon thereafter, the Joseph E. Muller was converted.
>Following the success of the Valdez and Muller, the Navy took on a larger role in the program. The Navy operated the next five ships added to the program for the NSA. The ships, called Auxiliary General Technical Research (AGTR) ships, were much larger and faster converted World War II LIBERTY and VICTORY class cargo-ships.
>These “research” vessels carried equipment and personnel to
>conduct oceanographic experiments to create a valid cover for their covert activities.
>The first was the USS Oxford, which received the first Moon-bounce transmission test in 1961, re-designated as an AGTR.
>In 1964, it added [...] the Liberty (AGTR-5).
>In 1964, it added [...] the Liberty (AGTR-5).
>In 1964, it added [...] the Liberty (AGTR-5).