Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 02:46:22 No.41960 del
was going to put up 2 posts but didn't wanna dirty the bread, so putting them both here...

Just some thoughts on Andrew Yang's $1k a month for everyone for life BS. Saw a gay poll he was winning over Trump and a few others...(wtf over?)

The ploy as I see it, They give us the $1k, then raise taxes, so Cost of Living is $1k more than prior to them giving it to us. So it's a wash...except, and here's the kicker, and what I believe to be the plan, if (not gonna happen) he makes it to the OOffice, Now EVERYONE including the middle class, is basically on Welfare and dependent on that $1k a month, just to break it or not, otherwise you are shelling out $12k a year just to even up. Then they take the $1k for a crap economy, too much debt or any number of reasons. and we are slaves, broke af, sad af.

Of course another reason is to offer free shit to get the idiots to jump on board, but yeah that's my take.


I also have a take on all the candidates flying over the cuckoos nest, with their cray cray ideas, they are setting up KillDawg or Big Mike to look like saints when they announce their bid, thinking they will reunify the base, and snag the nomination easily. They have to because of all the BS last time (Seth Rich) etc. that they did to Bernie, that cat is out of the bag, this is their new way of kinda doing the same thing. Think about it, they don't have to go on record with anything during the Dem debates, they save a lot of money for the campaign against Trump, (maybe why Dems are being so stingy with there candidates nationwide in spending... well that and DNC being broke af).

Ok anyway thems just some thoughts been bouncing around in my head. Carry on Anons and godless, we are nearing the finish line, because of all of you, Q and Trump...