Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 10:14:32 No.41983 del
What is the name of that children’s card game?
Is it Snap? I was trying to find better pics on the net of the playing cards. I found some vintage card sets for Animal Rummy but the cards are usually numbered. Can’t see numbers on ones in FLOTUS tweet.
In Animal Rummy, the aninals usually have cute names like Silly Goose, Funny Bunny, Etc. Don’t see that here.
As far as picturing a Rat in a children’s game goes,, I would imagine it would be very unusual to see in a children’s game due to rats being so disgusting. Maybe a mouse, duckling and parrot?
Mice- get trapped in mousetraps? Duck- prepared for trouble, for rain with an umbrella even though water runs off a duck’s back. Parrot- the news media parroting the 4am talking point news?