Anonymous 01/08/2020 (Wed) 19:51:25 No.43686 del
Aristotle was brutish to Jackie and abusive, physically, verbally, and very controlling. She began to have trouble with prescriptions during that time. The CIA was tasked after JFK's assassination with looking after his widow. A former Officer in the Agency at the time of this who was retired when he told me said they did not appreciate that Aristotle was not up to the task of respecting and looking after a former FLOTUS. He was warned and as one would expect, Onassis' reaction was predictable. The person I knew told me the Agency was instructed to "take steps." That was the end of the conversation. This was before I knew most plane "accidents" are not accidents, so I never conned on that the son might have been the warning. It broke Onassis mind and spirit. I think they knew it would.