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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School: 100% Failure At All Levels of Government

100% Failure: NSA, DHS,FBI, School Board, Sheriffs Dept – “Hand Over Your Guns and Let the Professionals Protect You”

NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI and A 100% FAILURE by the Surveillance Industrial Complex

100% Failure – AGAIN – By The NSA – Can’t Even Locate One FaceBook Murderer

100% Failure – How Many More “Orlando’s” Should We Suffer? /END

We learned yesterday that once again someone who carried out a massacre was on the FBI’s radar, and the agency failed to do anything to prevent it.

After hours of Democrat politicians and liberal pundits attempting to politicize the tragic mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado that left ten dead as yet another example of “white men gone amok,” we learned the identity of the alleged shooter as 21-year-old Ahmad Al-Issa. Images from Al-Issa’s social media reveal that he was a practicing Muslim, complained about supposed Islamophobia, argued that America should take in more refugees and immigrants, and had a disdain for Donald Trump. Naturally, the narrative immediately shifted from “white male rage” to “we need gun control” in the liberal media, and Biden has called for bringing back the assault weapons ban (among other gun control measures).

As for the FBI’s knowledge, Fox News reports that Al-Issa was “linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau,” but no further details were reported.

And he was hardly the only one to simultaneously be on the FBI’s radar while being able to act as if they were under the FBI’s radar. As compiled by Tom Elliot on Gabrien, here are seventeen other people who were on the FBI’s radar that went on to commit or attempt to commit atrocities.

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