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I think we have to admit Q owes us a solid. Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 22:05:01 [Preview] No. 3231
I think Q needs to help rectify the recent problem by going after David Brock and in fact ALL shill organizations, companies, and even key individuals, and tech companies that are targeting and taking out the chans and silencing free speech. It is something that can be completely covert that we at least can see, an obvious Q proof to those anons that dismiss it as a larp, and a move that will make the mainstream media want to scream without being able to explain what is going on without telling them why these individuals are being taken out, and a general thank you for those of us faithful who are spreading the word.

I am respectfully requesting Q take out David Brock, and all of the shill organizations to unfuck the chans and get us back on 8chan digging triumphantly. We can't rely on Jim. Jim helped cause this mess with his incompetent board mods and helping the criminal fbi honeypot the hell out of 8chan to get it taken down. Hell give me 4chan in the future Q!

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 00:05:43 [Preview] No.3261 del
A lot of them aren't even in the US anon.

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 05:07:24 [Preview] No.3294 del
Jim or Ron do not control board owners or board volunteers. And it is imperative for 8chan--or any platform--to cooperate with law enforcement.

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 05:14:49 [Preview] No.3296 del
(85.50 KB 1280x720 1509762524868.jpg)
They can take care of the US ones first. For the others, extra-judicially is fine by me.

Oh yes they do. Look at the imkampfy debacle.

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 19:45:40 [Preview] No.3344 del
i dont HAVE to admit anything.

Q has given US everything WE need.

Q doesnt OWE US shit.

smh the audacity of this thread is what did it

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 23:19:22 [Preview] No.3359 del
(18.84 KB 202x271 yes.jpg)
Anon, it's ok to admit it. You know deep down in your soul its true. Time for the shills to be taken out permanently with extreme prejudice.

Anonymous 09/17/2019 (Tue) 00:09:27 [Preview] No.3363 del
was going to say the same thing. If anything we owe Q everything we fucking got memes digging to stir the pot.

Anonymous 09/17/2019 (Tue) 00:10:16 [Preview] No.3365 del
to disrupt the media lies with truth.

Anonymous 09/19/2019 (Thu) 03:36:42 [Preview] No.3807 del
(998.60 KB 1100x1000 sniperbadge.png)
Did the thought of dead shills scare the posters here? lol!

Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 06:49:05 [Preview] No.4632 del
>I think Q needs to
That's a negative, nigger.
Q gave us more than we know. Once infinity got nuked, we anons found different bunkers to go to. Q knew about it all in advance, and rather than tell us what to do, we figured out how to spread ourselves around the internet, and create our own bunkers. Q will come back once infinity is back. For now, we're fighting from the bunkers, and the shills are having a hard time figuring out which places are bunkers. We've been able to dig and not be under shill attack like we were under infinity. We'll all come back to infinity when it comes back. But we'll all have the bunkers.

>tl;dr We improvised solutions and we're doing fine. This is war, and we figured out how to survive.

Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 13:54:28 [Preview] No.4665 del

Do you guys think this was actually Q posting on 4chan a few weeks ago? sounded just like him

Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 22:16:58 [Preview] No.5205 del
Why do you care so much about the safety of shills "anon"? Is there a reason you don't want them taken out?

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:17:35 [Preview] No.12815 del
Gonna use this thread for an epic posts and some character limit testing

Anonymous (ID: Uooaz50E) 10/08/19(Tue)20:05:13 No.229196797▶

A sect of the Seventh Day Adventists broke off.
David Koresh molded this branch into a cult.
ATF suspected they were stockpiling illegal weapons.
Koresh offered to let the ATF inspect their paperwork but the ATF declined.
ATF obtained search and arrest warrants.
ATF claimed Koresh was running a meth lab - they weren't.
Branch Davidians learned about the raid - Koresh said he intended to talk with the ATF.
ATF decided to go through with the raid anyway as planned.

What happens next is up for debate.
>ATF says Branch Davidians shot first
>Branch Davidians say ATF shot first

Branch Davidians called emergency services within a minute of the shooting beginning to ask them to stop shooting.
2 hours of shooting went by.
Local sheriff called a ceasefire - though the ATF readily admitted they were for the ceasefire cause they were running low on ammo.
Branch Davidians let the ATF get the dead/wounded.
6 hours later ATF breaks the ceasefire.

FBI comes in now.
FBI cuts all Branch Davidian contact to outside world.
Some negotiation happens and the Davidians let some children out.
FBI let Branch Davidians make a video but decided not to release it to the public because it would garner them sympathy.
FBI started fucking with them more.
FBI starts driving Bradleys and M728s around, playing music/slaughterhouse sounds all through the night.
FBI cut all water and power.
Koresh ordered more Davidians to leave - they did and were arrested.
Janet Reno and Clinton okay'd the siege.
FBI decides to blow holes in the wall and pump in tear gas.
Sometime FBI fire pyrotechnic rounds despite instructions not to.
Fires started and everyone remaining died.

A month later the site was bulldozed destroying any remaining evidence.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:20:53 [Preview] No.12820 del

Possession of an automatic firearm is not inherently illegal. Especially if one possesses an FFL or the appropriate tax stamps. Now the often argument falls upon whether or not they were using m16 Sears to be combined with ar15 lowers. This would be illegal except for two things:

The branch Davidians possesses a FFL and ran a gun store out of the compound called the mag bag.

And two, you would have to prove ill intent given that they had a FFL. Ie. That the FFL holder was not intending to sell them to government officers for the purpose of their duties nor that he possessed them for personal use such as luxury/runnimg a gun range.

Koresh swore the paperwork was done legally. He invited the ATF in to inspect both the guns and the papers. They refused. They also conveniently staged the siege while the FFL holder was out of state selling guns at a gun show.
Anonymous (ID: Uooaz50E) 10/08/19(Tue)20:06:47 No.229196905▶

>Branch Davidians did not have mines - court documents talking of mines were speculating of mines and concealed bunkers and planned accordingly

>Branch Davidians did not have .50 cal rifles

This is what they had:

61 M16 type
2 M16 type lowers
61 AK 47 type
34 AR15 type
2 AR15 type lowers
13 Shotguns, 12 gauge
11 FN FAL types
10 Ruger Mini-14
7 35mm Flare guns
6 .30 M1 carbines
5 M11/9
5 M14
3 Galil
2 HK SP89
1 HK MP5
1 Air rifle
1 Sten
23 Beretta pistols
13 Glock pistols
8 assorted revolvers
6 Safari Arms pistols
5 Sig Sauer pistols
5 Walther pistols
2 Taurus pistols

The Branch Davidians did not have any M82s. The only evidence ever presented of .50 cal was hearsay provided by 2 people: a neighbour who said he heard a big gun and assumed .50 cal, and a former Branch Davidian who was kicked out. These claims were never confirmed despite having an FBI undercover agent in the facility who frequently shot with the Davidians and Koresh. So these claims were unsubstantiated.

Of the above guns, only 46 were automatic, but as noted before, automatic =/= illegal.

Secondly, of explosives, they had all of 4 live M-21 practice grenades. That is it. And once again, owning explosives is not inherently illegal.

This is completely ignoring the fact that the ATF refused to make any attempts to de-escalate the situation, refused to make any arrests when available, refused cooperation by the Branch Davidians, etc. ad nauseum.

The list of guns I posted was from the Texas Rangers and FBI's subsequent investigation into the cult. It includes all guns found at the compound. There are no .50 cals on that list. The reports of the .50 cals came from the ATF and the Brady Campaign.

Likewise, when you look at the same report in regards to explosives, it is largely unlikely that the ATF agents were injured by grenades. There was a significant lack of materials to manufacture live grenades, and the only explosives used during the entirety of the siege, came from the ATF and FBI.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:22:14 [Preview] No.12821 del

Considering that the guns were legally under the name of Paul Fatta, a Davidian who possessed an FFL level 7 and ran a gun store out of the compound, the 1986 FOPA doesn't really matter as they was not an infraction. Legally Fatta may possess, manufacture and modify automatic weapons for the purposes of collection, sale to law enforcement/military, or personal use for demos etc. This isn't even including any that would have been NFA legal automatics - which any of them could arguably own. Just the modified here.

Now ignoring that a more important thing wasn't even the possession. The warrant was never issued for possession of an illegal firearm. The warrant was issued for "conspiracy to possess illegal firearms". While they had a member that could legally own said illegal firearms.

It is also worth note, that the Branch Davidians, when first informed of the interest in their firearms, sought to allow the ATF to inspect not only the firearms they suspected were illegal, but also the paperwork which would show any circumstances that would right the issue - that is FFL papers/NFA tax stamps etc.

Paul Fatta ran a gun store out of the compound. It was no secret that he sold to law enforcement or military. In fact, the gun store was responsible for a large portion of the group's funding for their lifestyle. Hell, he had automatics with him when the raid went down as he was selling guns in another state at a gun show.

But more importantly, if an automatic is not illegally modified - all you need is a tax stamp and anyone could own it - which basically means you just need your paperwork. Given that there was 80 or so Branch Davidians (There were 132 but I am taking into account women and children as unlikely to own a firearm) at Waco, that would not even be remotely out of the question for there to be NFA tax stamps among the group. Especially since the group was pro gun and had members who could fill out the paperwork. This paperwork was cited as evidence the group did nothing wrong, yet the ATF refused to look at it. Any evidence of this paperwork was destroyed when the compound caught fire along with various other files they maintained on religion, taxes etc.

Fatta did not need to have a "use" for the collection. And the modifications were not illegal so long as he was registered as the owner.

Lets assume they are a cult with neo-apocalyptic outlooks. You are suggesting that it is alright - or positive - for the federal government to violate the rights not only of the group but of the individual when there is no evidence of illegal wrongdoings, no trial nor allowance to provide evidence against any allegations let alone suspected allegations, and ultimately condemn the citizens to death based upon premises that are shaky at best.

Having doomsday idealism is not inherently illegal nor does it inherently mean the individual or group is dangerous to themselves or society at large. This was not even a considered factor in the warrants.

Remember, the entirety of this boils down to "conspiracy to possess an illegal firearm".

To assume the Branch Davidians shot first is presumptuous, especially considering at the time they had invited ATF in to the compound in regards to various claims such as a meth lab/illegal weapons. Furthermore, considering the ceasefire during the siege, the Branch Davidians also showed considerable empathy, given that after the ceasefire was called they allowed the ATF to remove the dead and wounded from inside the compound and its surrounding grounds despite having the advantage of ammunition and fortification. Given the cults reputation with nearby locals, it would be rather out of character for them for them to be non-compliant with a search warrant.

Furthermore, Authorities acknowledge they started shooting the dogs first.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:22:50 [Preview] No.12822 del
What happens next depends on who you side with.
>ATF says they attempted to breach and were met with Branch Davidian gunfire
>Branch Davidians claim ATF fired first

If you look at the evidence, what you see is that:

One ATF agent admittedly shot himself on accident climbing a ladder
He was removed without any shots being fired at him despite being in full view of windows/no cover
The ATF admitted to shooting the dogs first
The church's front door had damage showing exits on the interior (meaning it was shot through from outside)

So in all likelihood, ATF shot first. This would be consistent with the Branch Davidian's statement.


Well you have to consider what was going on politically and societally at the time of Waco. FOPA was introduced in 1986, the War on Drugs is declared (which figured into this as the ATF told the Feds that the Branch Davidians were running a meth lab in order to gain additional resources), Ruby Ridge had happened, the ATF had just had their shit taken to the cleaners in congressional hearing for generating cases by fucking over citizens, the militia movement is gaining popularity as the government keeps fucking up, etc.

iirc the ATF was also in a position where they were gonna lose a bunch of funding as well.

So basically it came time that they needed an event to flex their muscles and come off the victor. I mean there are other conspiracies out there - but the most likely cause is that the ATF is a bunch of idiots. For example:

>FBI try to negotiate
>FBI promise no change in electricity/water access etc.
>ATF go and cut the lines etc.

Every time the FBI tried to make an effort the ATF fucked it up.


The problem with the molestation charges comes with how they were gained. As per the report sent to the Deputy Attorney General:

Evidence #1 was an ATF affidavit containing hearsay an ATF agent gained from a former cult member

Evidence #2 was notes from an interview a CPS made when talking to a girl who's family was kicked out of the cult

Evidence #3 was hearsay from a former cult member

Evidence #4 was hearsay from a former cult member (related to evidence 3 member)

Evidence #5 is interesting - it was from the shrink who interviewed the kids when they were released - he said from what he gained, none of the kids were abused but may have been present when sexual things were talked about

Evidence #6 was from the FBI on the phone with a branch davidian - the FBI try to pressure the davidian into saying he was fucking 12 yr olds, but the davidian believed the youngest he fucked was a 14 yr old - said Davidian married a kid and claimed Koresh married them to cover his abuse

Evidence #7 was from a psychiatrist and he said that there was no way to resolve the situation at all and that Koresh was fucking kids - this is the only psychiatrist out of 8 who were consulted that suggested Koresh was fucking kids.

The conclusion at the end of the report is that there was no direct evidence establishing sexual abuse allegations, however it noted that there were circumstantial indications and the children were in a deteriorating living environment and the possibility of abuse would increase as the siege continued.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:23:10 [Preview] No.12823 del
The vast majority of the evidence came from former cult members - the same members that false claimed Koresh had machine guns, .50 cal or larger weapons etc.

So realistically, what it would at least get is a warrant for Koresh, and the ability to allow CPS into the compound to do their own investigation. However that course of action was chosen against and a siege was carried out instead.

Other random facts:

https://youtube.com/watch?v=7iWqfUSKT0c [Embed] [Embed]
>supposed audio blasted at the Branch Davidians

ATF still went ahead with the assault after discovering that the Branch Davidians knew they were coming
>their assault plan was conceptualized around making it to the door before the Davidians knew they were coming and had a chance to arm

Tax fraud was never proven
Child abuse was never proven
>one of the people who said Koresh fucked a kid, was married to said kid, and said Koresh married them to cover up his escapades
Welfare fraud was never proven
Drug manufacturing was never proven
>one could even argue against it was considered as Koresh had called the government to clean up a meth lab ran by the original leader Roden

Lon Horiuchi, of Ruby Ridge fame, was present at the Waco siege
>Texas rangers alleged that he fired the first shots on the final day

"Long before the fire, the Davidians were discussing the evidence contained in the doors. During the siege, in a phone conversation with the FBI, Steve Schneider, one of Koresh's main confidants, told FBI agents that 'the evidence from the front door will clearly show how many bullets and what happened'." Houston attorney Dick DeGuerin, who went inside Mount Carmel during the siege, testified at the trial that protruding metal on the inside of the right-hand entry door made it clear that the bullet holes were made by incoming rounds. DeGuerin also testified that only the right-hand entry door had bullet holes, while the left-hand entry door was intact. The government presented the left-hand entry door at the trial, claiming that the right-hand entry door had been lost. The left-hand door contained numerous bullet holes made by both outgoing and incoming rounds. Texas Trooper Sgt. David Keys testified that he witnessed two men loading what could have been the missing door into a U-Haul van shortly after the siege had ended, but he did not see the object itself. Michael Caddell, the lead attorney for the Branch Davidians' wrongful death lawsuit explained, "The fact that the left-hand door is in the condition it's in tells you that the right-hand door was not consumed by the fire. It was lost on purpose by somebody." Caddell offered no evidence to support this allegation, which has never been proved. However, fire investigators stated that it was "extremely unlikely" that the steel right door could have suffered damage in the fire much greater than did the steel left door, and both doors would have been found together. The right door remains missing, and the entire site was under close supervision by law enforcement officials until the debris—including both doors—had been removed.[90]

They also did shit like this - this is a Devtech 25 flashbang found at the point of origin of the 2nd fire. They used quite a bit more of these then they let on to.

Yup. CS gas is what they usually say they use. CS itself is a powder, that is mixed with methyline chloride (otherwise known as dichloromethane or DCM), which is important as it produces flammable vapours. A volume of 13% to 25% of DCM at 25*C (or 77*F) and atmospheric pressure can ignite easily.

>m278s and Bradley's
They gained access through the ATF filing a request due to the War on Drugs legislation that allows the FBI/ATF/anyone involved in an operation to request equipment, vehicles and training that is afforded to the military.

In essence its a way to deploy military equipment against civilians bypassing the legal structure preventing the use of the military against the civilians

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:24:08 [Preview] No.12825 del
>Ruby Ridge Summary

guy gets mad over land deal with Randy Weaver
judge sides with Weaver and sentences due to pay additional 21k to Weaver
guy writes letters to FBI/Sheriff asserting Weaver was threatening to kill governor/president/pope etc.
guy tells them that Weaver is a member of the Aryan Nations and has a fuckton of guns hidden
FBI/Secret Service/sheriff investigate and interview Weaver and his wife
Weavers deny allegations
Weaver was associated with Kuminick who was alleged to be Aryan Nations
Weaver states that Kuminick wasn't Aryan Nations but that he was Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord
Weaver reiterates that he is not Aryan Nations
Weaver files affidavit stating his personal enemies are trying to bring the fed down on him

In comes ATF to fuck everything up
Kuminick takes Weaver around and eventually introduces him to an ATF informant
Informant claims Weaver wanted to organize a group to fight the zionist occupied government
ATF claims Weaver sold them 2 sawn off shotguns shorter than min barrel length
Weaver claims that's horse shit
ATF tries to blackmail Weaver to become an informant
Weaver refuses
ATF files charges claiming Weaver is a bank robber with criminal convictions previously (this is all false)
Weaver is indicted on charges of making/possessing illegal weapons
Weaver is let out on bail
Court case becomes a fuckery because Weaver is hard to contact due to no phone
Court date is changed and letter is sent to attorney to give to Weaver telling him new date
Probation officer informs Weaver of a new date (but the wrong one)
Judge issues bench warrant
Judge is told of the fuck up in Weaver hearing the wrong date by probation officer
Judge decides not withdraw warrant
US Marshals decide to give Randy until the court day he knew of to appear in court
US Attorney's office calls up grand jury and tries to get the warrant dropped
They forgot evidence to the date fuck up
Grand jury says go get Weaver for jail now

US Marshals decide to treat Weaver as a fugitive
Weaver confused by inconsistent messages from lawyer and government decides to sit tight
Magistrate tells Weaver if he loses court case he will lose his land (leaving wife homeless) and the government will take his children
Weaver believes he won't get a fair trial
Marshals decide to negotiate
Assistant US attorney tells them no more negotiation
US Marshals start surveilance and build a threat profile
US Marshals create a profile basically stating Weaver is a green beret who will shoot on sight and has booby trapped his property
In reality, he's just a guy in a cabin
Media does a flyover and claims he shot at them (he didn't this is confirmed in FBI's after action report) but its used in drawing up rules of engagement

Now comes the fun

US Marshals dressed in camo with night vision and M16s are scouting the property
Marshals' throw rocks at dog kennel
Weaver's son and family friend come out to see what caused the ruckus
They decide to let a dog out and follow it cause they figured it smelt small game
US Marshals bump into Weaver's son and family friend

US Marshals shoot and kill the dog
Weaver's son fires back
Marshals kill Weaver's son
Family friend kills a marshal
Family friend is shot and injured
Everyone retreats

FBI, Idaho national guard, US Marshal's Special Ops all get involved now
Rules of Engagement are drawn up
ROE basically state if anyone has a gun, shoot to kill
Also kill all dogs

Snipers are dispatched before fbi negotiators get there
Sniper shoots Weaver injuring him
Sniper shoots and kills Weaver's wife
FBI Negotiators arrive
FBI Negotiators can't get shit done
Civilian negotiator talks them down and gets Weaver and company to surrender

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:25:30 [Preview] No.12826 del
>Weaver acquitted of all charges cept missing court date and does 18 months
>Family friend acquitted of all charges
>Weavers sue the government for 200 million, but settle out of court for 100k for Randy, and 1 mill for each of his 3 daughters
>Family friend sues the government and wins 380k
>Sniper who killed the Weaver wife was charged with Manslaughter
>Feds moved the court case to federal court and got the sniper off due to sovereign immunity

Same sniper was at the Waco siege. The first shots fired on the last day were from the building he was in, and there were three spent cartridges collected from his position however the fed claimed the rounds could have been left by the ATF as they had been there before and that it was impossible to match to said sniper because after the Waco siege he had his rifle rebarrelled.

he ATF was in hot water after the 70s and 80s. And then Ruby Ridge happened.

The ATF has a weird history
>Originally part of Department of the Treasury in 1886
>In 1920 a unit is created called the Bureau of Prohibition
>1930 it gets transferred to the Justice Department
>1933 it gets transferred back to Department of the Treasury
>1950s it becomes the ATTD (Alcohol Tobacco Tax Division
>1968 gun control act is passed and we get the ATF as it is now
>1972 it becomes an independent bureau

So how does the ATF start to act:

ATF starts generating retarded cases
To quote the senate subcommittee: ""Based upon these hearings it is apparent that ATF enforcement tactics made possible by current federal firearms laws are constitutionally, legally, and practically reprehensible."
Subcommittee got evidence that the ATF devoted its efforts on technicalities in malum prohibitum (unlawful acts by statute not anything else)
ATF had been focusing on collectors items
Subcommittee found that 75% of the ATF prosecutions were against ordinary citizens with no criminal record nor intent

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:25:56 [Preview] No.12827 del
Hell, even Ken Ballew was in the 70s.
>Ken Ballew

ATF and local county police plan a raid on a guy
Teenage burglary suspect says there's a local guy who has guns and grenades and shit (Ken Ballew)
ATF decides they wanna raid him too
ATF presses for a warrant
Assistant US attorney tells them to fuck off
ATF presents evidence of an anonymous threat stating "there will be a false call in the area and if you respond you will be shot"
ATF presents this area is known for high crime/frequent gunfire
ATF says Ken Ballew has a misdemeanour for carrying a concealed weapon
ATF says Ken Ballew has registered no grenades with the NRA
AUSA says go right the fuck ahead

ATF dresses in "street clothes" reminiscent of the high crime neighbourhood
ATF completes first raid, doesn't find their target and leaves him a note

ATF claims they knocked and said "Federal officers here with a search warrant, open up"
ATF gets no response but "hears movement"
ATF busts the door in with a battering ram
Ken's girlfriend freaks
Ken jumps out of the bath and grabs an 1847 revolver and rushes to the sound
Ken's girlfriend grabs her own revolver
ATF (in street clothes) see a nude man holding a revolver toward the door
ATF agent 1 fires a gun and ducks to the left
Police Officer 1 fires a few shots and ducks to the right
Police officer 2 shoots Ken Ballew in the face
Ken falls to the ground, his revolver discharges and hits the wall
Ken's girlfriend surrenders wearing only her underwear
- Government started the fire, to burn all evidence

- the Government lied about 9/11
- the Government lied about air quality around 9/11 scene
- the Government lied about Russia Collusion
- the Government lied about YouTube videos being behind Benghazi
- the Government lied about a "quid pro quo" in a phone call, transcript showed no such thing
- the Government has been lying about Climate Change for 50 years, none of their predictions ever came through
- the Government lies about the Immigration numbers, telling us that only "10 Million" illegals broke into the country

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:26:17 [Preview] No.12828 del
What they found was 5 unloaded dummy or inert grenades - which were classified as non weapon curios by the ATF at the time and as such did not require registry with the NRA

Ballew survived with brain damage
His girlfriend married him
He filed a tort lawsuit against the government claiming damages due to negligence
Judge rules his damages were due Ken's negligence
Judge rules since it was a cop, then the government can't be sued
Judge rules they were not negligent in receiving an affidavit despite shit like not knowing his name/believing he had a jeep
Judge rules that because he has inert grenades, and gunpowder/primers for his guns, then it counts as live grenades
Judge rules that because Ballew converted 3 grenades into noise makers, they count as weaponized and no longer inert even though they couldn't explode
Judge rules that by barricading door (even though in high crime area) and being armed they were resisting federal agents
Judge rules that Ken was not in the bath because ATF/Police testify he was bone dry
Judge ruled in favour of the Fed and Ken was told to pay the costs for the fed's defense

I realized I forgot 1980s ATF, so here's some:

>Singer-Swapp Standoff
two Mormon polygamists bomb a church
the bombers then retreat to a compound
stand off begins
first 9 days involve the ATF cutting off electricity and water, bright light arrays and blasting loud noises to disrupt sleep
ATF has brought in the FBI because nothing is working and they've got pretty much an army there of 150 men
Police decide lets hit them with a strobe light then release the dogs
bomber shoots the light
police release the dogs anyway
dog handler is shot and killed
firefight ensues
firefight ends when 2 apcs raid the compound

One bomber gets 17 years + 15 for manslaughter
Another bomber gets 10 years + 8 for murder
Bomber's son gets 10 years
Bomber's wife gets 5 years + 5 years parole
All children are taken custody of by the state

So even when the ATF is in the "right", they still can't fucking do their job properly

Since I am gonna trash ATF, I'll throw in a few more fuck ups

In the 2000s

James Beck shootout
James Beck was a police academy failure and felon
Beck commits a bunch of crimes including getting assault weapons
ATF hears he is getting a bunch of guns
ATF decides to surveil him, by parking vans right outside his house
Of course Beck realizes this
ATF decides to just walk up and arrest him while he was inside the house - not you know, when he was away from his home
Beck decides not to come and a shoot out occurs
This of course leads to a sheriff's department guy getting killed
ATF, US Marshals and cops shoot up both of Beck's neighbour's houses
ATF has bungled and gets the SWAT to come clean up after them
4 hours into the shoot out, tear gas has been introduced
A fire starts
Fire spreads to both the neighbours
Firefighters are told to only cover the neighbours houses
Shootout ends with the roof collapsing killing Beck
Rubble was so fucked up, coroner's can't even say if the roof or a gun killed Beck

Ends up with one neighbour winning 200k because their house was shot 100+ times, and the other neighbour getting 32k because his house was shot about 30 times

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:26:39 [Preview] No.12829 del
>2004 to 2005
ATF fucking with ya at gun shows edition

ATF runs operation at gun shows
>agents approach/discourage people from buying guns
>agents interrogate people who buy guns
>agents accused sellers of being in business without a license
>ATF detains purchasers and buyers temporarily in cars
>ATF starts visiting people's homes after purchases
>ATF went after women especially believing that any women with a male companion was doing a straw purchase
>minority legal gun owners were followed/pulled over and had their guns seized
>purchasers were receiving letters telling them to appear at the ATF office to justify their purchase or it would be seized
>ATF appeared at purchasers homes up to 3 weeks after the show demanding to see paperwork and arrested those who could not or would not comply

ATF admitted this was a pilot program they wanted to introduce to the entire country.

Time for more ATF shit, cause while Project Gunrunner is going on they are running another project.

>2011 to 2014
ATF engages in a campaign of Sting Operations
ATF goes to people and promises them huge scores of drugs and money by attacking stash houses that doesn't exist
ATF plans out the operations for them
ATF supplies them with weapons and armor
ATF doesn't go for just gang bangers, but also military members, small time criminals etc.
ATF then traps the prospective criminals and charges them with a fuckton of crimes for a heist that never happens/drugs that don't exist
Usually these charges are at least 15 years long sentence wise
Two federal judges claimed it was a gravely unfair practice and a miscarriage of justice
An Illinois judge claimed it was unconstitutional and that the ATF walked people into crimes without due process
ATF has imprisoned over 1000 individuals this way
7 people have been killed because of this operation

ATF officials say this is the best method because they are pre-emptively targeting people likely to commit serious crime rather than waiting for them to do so

To which many judges have claimed this is entrapment and essentially punishing people for thoughts and possibilities.

ince we are talking about ATF fuckery in general now
>ATF: Project Gunrunner

ATF determines mexican cartel are a leading gun trafficking organization
ATF decides to sell guns and try and track them

Operation Wide Receiver
>ATF Facilitate a licensed dealer selling guns to traffickers
>ATF Don't coordinate with mexican law enforcement
>ATF claim to interdict before guns cross the border
>ATF only stops 64 of the 474 guns flowing into Mexico
>Charges are brought against all of 9 people

>ATF let a dealer sell to traffickers
>ATF surveillance covers traffickers as they head to the border
>ATF informs the Mexican law enforcement
>Mexican law enforcement loses track
>No charges are filed

>ATF lets a dealer sell to a trafficker
>ATF lets the trafficker take the guns over the border
>ATF loses 100 guns
>Entire time ICE is telling them this is retarded
>No one charged gets more than 50 months

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:27:07 [Preview] No.12831 del
Operation Fast and Furious
>Dealers start reporting firearms purchases that are suspicious
>ATF lets them go and keep buying shit
>ATF tells agents not to arrest them
>ATF tells local law enforcement not to arrest them
>ATF decides its gonna track the guns
>ATF lets the guns go over the border
>ATF promptly loses track and has no real info to give to Mexican law enforcement

Bought 500 guns have been recovered. Over 2000 are still missing. Most appear in crime scenes along the border.

This is not including the whole part where they used licensed dealers FFLs to sell guns themselves even without the dealers knowledge - which has lead to dealers losing their license.

Another similar event was Rainbow Farm:

Pro marijuana campground
Host part picnic/part woodstock style events with a pro-pot image
Used legal loophole that allowed owner to hold events without arrests by having concessionaires/employees not sell weed
Some kid who got weed there drove high and ended up in a car crash killing himself and injuring others
County prosecutor starts an investigation
State police serve tax fraud warrant and find 200 marijuana plants
Owner and his gay partner are arrested on a bunch of charges including running a drug house, felony manufacture, and weapons charges
They're son is taken into foster care
They are facing 20 years in jail but are out on bail
State decides to seize the campground under civil asset forfeiture laws
Gay guys fail to arrive at court date

So this is where things get left up to interpretation

State police allege
>they burned down 10 structures on their farm
>shot a news helicopter
>shot at and missed a police helicopter
>acquired assault weapons
>boobytrapped and mined the area
>sprayed bullets into the woods to keep the cops away

FBI gets involved
>FBI arrive with armored cars and 50 agents
>gay guys shoot a civilian helicopter (this time there is proof of this)
>gays shoot at an armored car
>owner was walking and saw an FBI agent - allegedly he raised his gun on the agent
>Owner is shot 5 times in the head, and 3 in the chest
>another guy who is a regular shot and injured
>gay boyfriend sets house on fire
>as gay boyfriend leaves, he is shot in the head

And that's the end of Rainbow Farms. Its worth noting that both the Police and the FBI would not let the owners talk to their lawyer at all during the Siege even though she offered to mediate. A local neighbour was doing a lot of runs in between because he was friends with the owners, but the cops fucked over many options for cooperation. When the owners asked to talk to the media and apologized for shooting the news helicopter, they nixed that idea.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 03:27:57 [Preview] No.12832 del
How about MOVE?

>anarcho primitivist, black liberation environmentalist, communalist group
>frequently protest zoos and speakers they dislike

So everything goes south very quickly for them

Police obtain a court order to force MOVE to vacate where they are living
Most leave, some stay
Police move in to remove remainers
Shootout occurs - 1 cop dead, 7 cops/5 firefighters/3 MOVE members/3 bystanders injured
All 9 members involved in the shootout receive 100 years in prison as sentence for 3rd degree murder

Things settle down for a bit

MOVE relocates to housing complex
Neighbours complain about them protesting with a bullhorn
Police obtain warrants for 4 members contempt of court/illegal firearms possession/terror threats
Mayor and Police commisioner change classification to make MOVE a terrorist organization

Police raid begins
Police lob tear gas into building
Armed standoff occurs
Police commissioner orders building be bombed
Police drop 2x one pound bombs
Bombs ignite the fuel tanks of a gas powered generator that is on the roof
Fire spreads like mad catching another 65 houses in the area
Police tell the firefighters not to act to put out the fire - but to just let it burn
Police shoot at people fleeing the building
11 people die (5 are kids)
250 people from the neighbourhood are left homeless

The investigative commission into the event lead to a public apology. No one involved was criminally charged except for one of the survivors who was given 7 years for rioting and conspiracy. Later a federal jury ordered the city to pay the survivors 1.5 million.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 12:53:29 [Preview] No.13150 del
No. /CM/ has nothing to do with 4chan.

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