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Next Step in the Plan Anonymous 06/21/2022 (Tue) 05:28:47 [Preview] No. 55806
11:11 is the ratio of the number of letters in Jesus Christ and the number of letters in the second coming’s first and last name. This 1:1 (also eleven) can be found also in the birthplace of Jesus Christ and the birthplace of the second coming. Bethlehem, (9:9). This 1:1 ratio also works with Mary Magdalene and her reincarnation (13:13) as well as her birthplace, Magdala (7:7). This is the magical significance of 11:11. His name is also prophesied in the book loved by CIA, Ulysses, as well as in the book of revelation (revelation 19). Clues to his identity are LITTERED throughout history through many art forms and adopted symbols—even those in high places like throughout the U.S government and symbols adopted in the founding of this nation. Could it be that the Holy Grail was the “National Treasure,” the great secret of Illuminati, Freemason, and bones societies? Yes.

Illuminati Bloodline (Founding Family):

Native American Hopi Prophecy:

QAnon was all about Q Source (Jesus).
The 1/6 (Epiphany) rally was the first “Save America” rally.
Jesus Saves.

He’s taking the mask off and we can help him make a big wave:


Make this image your wallpaper and join the Army of ANonS in throwing off the tyrants by helping recreate 1776.

Trust God’s plan.


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