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There are reports circulating about a pilot dying in flight after getting 2nd jab

The one below is typical (based on Dr. Jane Ruby reporting on Stew Peters):



0:09 - Roughly 2 weeks ago, Delta LAX-based pilot died mid flight. Told co-pilot he received 2nd jab a few days prior. He was speaking normally one moment, said a few strange things, and then died.

As the tweet shows, Dr. JR reported other stories but they are all still anecdotal. Of course, she was the same one who first reported on Graphene Oxide in vaxxes - and that turned out to be TRUE.

When i dug, looks like the narrative battle is one. Tons of factcheckers claiming that it didn't happen and tons of alt sites claiming it did. Only problem is that SO FAR all the alt-sites are REALLY alt (and looking iffy). Many of them are probably copying stuff from other sites, it's like playing telephone.

Problem is that nobody is ON THE RECORD with this information. So it is still speculative atm. Bet it'll come out within a coupla weeks