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Banned Drs. Erickson & Massihi COVID-19 Briefing
Bakersfield, CA
Duration: 51:55, 5 days ago (~April 23 2020)

Attached in three posts because it crashes the board connection otherwise. Tip: keep mp4's under 50mgs.

These three vids comprise the interview with Drs. Erickson and Massihi that was subsequently banned on YouTube because it went against the WHO position on Covid-19. Recorded from MSN as an MP4 so it will be accessible no matter who bans it next. (in two parts bc of how MSN inserts commercials and then mutes the volume - kek! Anon is not a video guy, would be easy to combine them if i were.)

Here are some of the /qr/ links on this story from
>>8945969, >>8946001 Dr Erickson briefing discussed on Tucker Carlson last night. Youtube keeps allegedly pulling it.
>>8944715 Karli Q on "two docs'" vid (shown on Ingraham bc it contradicts official narrative - Drs. Erickson & Massihi)
>>8943985, >>8943988, >>8944146, >>8944010 Is it just me or did @YouTube take down Dr. Erickson's viral video with 5 million views? alternates attached