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As they say "never abandon your post"
have been watching that so here are some

Monday Night 7pm PST
GORDO15 USAF E-4B Nightwatch with a quick roundtrip out of Offutt
Tail #73-1677 and not the one last seen at Wright-Patterson AFB yesterday
That is 75-0125 and was last called NIGHT76
SAM453 USAF C-40B departed Seattle Boeing Field after overnight
SAM497 G5 landed at Boeing Field earlier from JBA depart
3 US Navy E-6B Mercurys up with SHADO22 shared by two of them (different tail #'s)
SELL63 the other
and about 45 minutes later a P-8 over the Nightwatch still going around at Offutt
GORDO15 USAF E-4B Nightwatch go arounds at Offutt
169545 US Navy P-8 Poseiden se from Whidbey Island at 37k/ft-prolly heading to Jax