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Uber, Inc. sold by Softbank Vision Fund: $2.03b-Jan 7

SB Cayman 2 Limited is wholly owned by SoftBank Vision Fund (AIV S1) LP, a Delaware limited partnership ("Vision Fund"). SB Investment Advisers (UK) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp. SoftBank Corp. is one of the principal Japanese telecommunications operators.

Revenue by type of activity breaks down as follows:
- mobile telecommunications services for private individuals (55.2%): mobile telephony services, broadband data services, sales of mobile telephones and accessories, etc.;
- Internet services (21.2%): portals for e-commerce, online auctions, data and content, advertising services, etc.;
- telecommunications services for businesses (12.9%): fixed and mobile telecommunications services, data transmission and interconnection services, hosting and cloud services, leasing, construction and maintenance of telecom infrastructures, sales of Internet of Things solutions, etc.;
- sales of telecoms and IT equipment and accessories (9.1%);
- other (1.6%).
Number of employees : 37 821 people.

Ex-SoftBank worker arrested over alleged illegal transfer of 5G info