Anonymous 01/12/2021 (Tue) 17:45:40 Id: eda540 No.6031 del
Greetings note-taker or baker.
Looks like you got notes from /qr/? Why put here? (It's ok, just wanna track how anons are using the thread atm.) AFAIK, /qr/ is still more or less open for business, possibly with limited access?

All anons are welcome here.

Is anyone actually baking or are anons just using this place as a staging area for now? PF and marketing reports by one anon are currently being ported to /mnr/ bc it's an /mnr/ pf who's collecting them. So they do not require notabling atm.

But if the wonky board situ continues on 8, we can certainly reactivate this endchan thread. If any anons who cannot access the boards on 8 want to post here, feel free. If there is enough activity, I or some other baker can make a notes loaf and bake. will pick it up as soon as the bread is locked (usually possible right after baking). Will keep monitoring the situ.

Dis doc? G'mornin.

G'morning GB. Tx for all the reports, we miss you.

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