Anonymous 01/12/2021 (Tue) 18:05:04 Id: eda540 No.6043 del
hey tang, g'mornin. Temporarily. i'ma so short on sleep i gotta go back and get a few winks soon.

Tanks for proxy, seems to work.

If TOR access only (plus access only for Reporters and BO/BVs) is short-term, then ok. But if more than a day or two, we should prolly set up shop here. Unless doc wants a permanent career porting graphics over the /mnr/.

Interestingly, Clearnet is up for Jim W. Will let him know it's not up for many of us. Just checked again - still down for me. >>6039

Will let this bread run for now, wo/doing notables for the moment. We can use as a staging area and keep monitoring the situ with 8.