Anonymous 01/12/2021 (Tue) 21:44:52 Id: 3341bb No.6067 del
POTUS not yet available on scope however 15 has departed area to ne so it must be off-ground.

A look at the SE area
The AWACS and Joint Stars providing the side monitoring for both AC's back to JBA

NOVA51 has joined SNTRY61 AWACS on the track east of Alexandria, LA while 63 heads back to Tinker
KOMODO4 USAF Joint Stars also on the track out of Robins AFB
09-0015 C-32A and 82-8000 back to JBA right between the AWACS and the Joint Stars AC's
P-8 off Space Coast starting a recon. pattern mebby dropped some buoys earlier-just appeared
VVLL US NAvy P-3 runway shots at Patrick AFB