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Whitney Rife: Instagram influencer was offered “thousands of dollars” to take vaccine selfie

The Toronto Sun reported last month that Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada are paying social media influencers for positive publicity. Said agencies are the Canadian equivalents to the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health.

Meanwhile United Nations Global Communications Director Melissa Fleming made a similar admission. She told the World Economic Forum last November that the U.N. recruited 110,000 social media influencers that she calls “information volunteers.” Their jobs are to disseminate and reinforce the World Health Organization’s agendas.

It’s no secret. Everyone knows big pharma, the CDC, et al. pay people to market their products. Nondisclosure agreements are standard practice in these deals. Secrecy is sacrosanct. But the going rate for influencer posts about your products or services is about $1,000 per 100,000 followers.

Most of these “vaccine” ad campaigns are blatantly obvious. Celebrities receive large sums to peddle experimental shots, masks and other COVID-19 agendas.

Whitney Rife, a.k.a. Whitney Rife-Becker, has 409,000 Instagram followers as of publishing. She owns an online fashion boutique. Her Instagram posts are mostly about “girlie” stuff, family and marriage. Mrs. Rife-Becker doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of whistleblower. But she confirmed a practice most of us already knew about.

Big pharma offered her “thousand of dollars” in exchange for a selfie receiving an experimental COVID-19 shot, according to a video published on Instagram.