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Canada is not ready for the shut down of Line 5

It looks like the worst energy crisis in recent history is coming – and Central Canada and our federal government are not ready.

In less than a month the Governor of Michigan intends to shut down Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline which brings the oil that creates half of the gasoline, diesel, propane and jet fuel that Ontario and Quebec consume. The closing of Line 5 will, in short order, cost Ontario access to 540,000 barrels of oil a day and threatens over 28,000 jobs. 

This will not only devastate Canada’s energy security, but it could also cost the Liberals their chances of reelection.  According to a recent survey for the Modern Miracle Network, conducted by One Persuades, most Canadians are concerned about the consequences of shutting down Line 5. In vote-rich Central Canada, 66% of Ontarians and 55% of Quebecois say that the government should fight against the looming shutdown of the pipeline – and 54% of those respondents voted Liberal in the last election.