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Marcia Fudge Resignation Anonymous 03/12/2021 (Fri) 00:25:09 Id: cc424a [Preview] No. 7025
Might there be a connection to the transparent DC bomber of Jan 6 2021? The certain Font design used (Hindi)was recognized as a possible match, one we had all seen. Then the bread was hit yesterday and shared that font style.

Anonymous 03/12/2021 (Fri) 01:27:21 Id: cc424a [Preview] No.7027 del
In 2019 Marcia Fudge and Lisa aka Mary Ann Lorient aka Orient aka Swanson, created quite a tussle just prior to a celebratory dinner with 11th District at a MediterraneanParty Center. This escalated quickly, w/ Fudge using her phone to record. More audible than visual, they can both be heard shouting at each other with Lorient asking Fudge why she wrote a"letter" to Aisha Frazer, "as a black woman," who was recently murdered by her husband Judge
Lance Mason. Most are familiar with the argument and resulting
restraining order issued by Judge Deborah Turner. This story has been stepped on and blurred by the powers that be. Such things as names and gender being convoluted.The 11th district had a gender narrative coupled with the black women protesting-portending-to BLM and the madness of 2020. During the heated exchange Fudge was called a murderer more than once and a Police Officer can be heard calming the women saying "this is not time for this!" Lorient Swanson explains that Fudge while may not having committed the stabbing of Aisha, still had a role in it. Enter a Disha Ravi.a Hindi Tool Kit user and Editor Goog Doc. As India was writing and voting on Farm matters, Ravi is said to have changed the language of the drafted documents directed at the Farmers. Utilized Whats App to draft a document better suited to her own climate concerns, thus interfering with the Election.Delhi police a year later found that Ravi and Muh Gulstreams own Greta Thunberg, had collaborated with Poetic Justice against the Indian State. Greta had in February sent out documents that were supposed to be her fluff and stuff but really was the rewritten Docs that showed how the plan would starve the nations Farmers. There is a Tweet that will be supplied. The DC Bomber video is a fine work of fancy,with the human synthesis data moving swimmingly along. Some of us can see the remnants normally and certainly can more than make out the common issues the camera can pick up. I hypothesis it is a young female we are watching with arms flailing Leg and feet issues. The recent notice by FBI that had a similar symbol caught this Anons wide eyes. Further, the individual who resigned as Marcia Fudge clearly could fit the description of the white hoodie walker,a bit transparent!
The Oath Takers and other like minded individuals are being set up by lifetime criminals acting on their dead end desires. Please see the Swearing In of Ms Fudge by Harris on the Magic Mirror. Note the young lady in yellow who looks as if she has seen way too much, she is dis associative and heartbreaking to watch. Watching the video provided one merely need to slow the speed down and watch it pop. The same situation cannot be over looked with the Viking Guy

Marcia Fudge Anonymous 03/12/2021 (Fri) 01:30:00 Id: cc424a [Preview] No.7028 del
Various documents and horribly written press to sauce this

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