Anonymous 02/02/2021 (Tue) 00:52:14 No.19714 del
aw crap. she better be okay

you weren't kidding when you said new. I like it a lot though. I only wish it was a little less flat, it never really comes to a halt like Deja Vu does in the chorus for an instant, or go loud and bassy. it feels muddy in comparison. still great tho

> Pretty cool. I much prefer her voice over the stereotypical raspy male screaming.

Female fronted symphonic metal bands are wonderful. One of very, very few things that can still bring me joy. On that note, Regina is going to release 11:11 (her first and arguably best album) on vinyl soon. If that doesn't push me to finally find a job idk what will tbh

the joke is that too many of my waifus are ashkenazi jews lol