Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 04:17:19 No.19768 del
sheeeeeit you hit her hard lmfao. she had no idea where to take her mind after that. She's probably going to be thinking about that a lot lmao

> How has your day been going?
it was going fine until we got a call from my little sister's mom saying she got home at 11 PM clearly drunk. she's 10. she needs to be living with her dad but her mom will never give her up because that would mean one less welfare check every month (they get one per child under 16). it wasn't so much that episode in itself that bothered me but more so the fact that I was hanging out with her a few hours earlier and she acted perfectly normal and didn't say anything about anything. then she goes and does stuff like that. I guess maybe I can't get too mad at her since she's 10 and the only people at fault are whoever gave her alcohol. But it's hard to see kids as kids when they want so badly to make all the worst mistakes grown ups make.