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(337.31 KB 828x1363 standings.jpg)
OFFICIAL MLB GAMETHREAD AUTISM 7/10 Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 17:04:27 [Preview] No. 290222

New York Yankees (59-30) vs. Baltimore Orioles (25-66)
NYY- M. Tanaka (7-2)
BAL- A. Cashner (2-9)
>7:05 pm ET

Washington Nationals (45-45) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (42-48)
WSH- J. Hellickson (2-1)
PIT- J. Musgrove (3-3)
>7:05 pm ET

Cincinnati Reds (40-51) vs. Cleveland Indians (49-40)
CIN- S. Romano (5-8)
CLE- T. Bauer (8-6)
>7:10 pm ET

Milwaukee Brewers (54-37) vs. Miami Marlins (38-55)
MIL- J. Chacín (7-3)
MIA- P. López (1-0)
>7:10 pm ET

Detroit Tigers (40-53) vs. Tampa Bay Rays (46-44)
DET- M. Boyd (4-7)
TB- R. Stanek (1-2)
>7:10 pm ET

Texas Rangers (40-52) vs. Boston Red Sox (63-29)
TEX- Y. Gallardo (3-0)
BOS- H. Velázquez (6-0)
>7:10 pm ET

Philadelphia Phillies (50-39) vs. New York Mets (36-52)
PHI- E. De Los Santos
NYM- D. Gagnon
>7:10 pm ET

Toronto Blue Jays (41-48) vs. Atlanta Braves (50-39)
TOR- M. Stroman (1-6)
ATL- J. Teheran (6-6)
>7:35 pm ET

St. Louis Cardinals (46-43) vs. Chicago White Sox (30-60)
STL- M. Mikolas (9-3)
CHW- D. Covey (3-4)
>8:10 pm ET

Kansas City Royals (25-65) vs. Minnesota Twins (40-48)
KC- I. Kennedy (1-8)
MIN- A. Slegers (1-0)
>8:10 pm ET

Oakland Athletics (51-40) vs. Houston Astros (61-32)
OAK- S. Manaea (8-6)
HOU- J. Verlander (9-4)
>8:10 pm ET

Arizona Diamondbacks (50-41) vs. Colorado Rockies (46-44)
ARZ- P. Corbin (6-3)
COL- T. Anderson (6-3)
>8:40 pm ET

Seattle Mariners (57-34) vs. Los Angeles Angels (46-45)
SEA- M. Leake (8-5)
LAA- G. Richards (5-4)
>10:07 pm ET

Los Angeles Dodgers (49-41) vs. San Diego Padres (39-54)
LAD- R. Hill (2-3)
SD- E. Lauer (4-5)
>10:10 pm ET

Chicago Cubs (51-37) vs. San Francisco Giants (48-45)
CHC- J. Quintana (7-6)
SF- J. Cueto (3-1)
>10:15 pm ET

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 17:40:25 [Preview] No.290226 del
(28.96 KB 431x629 elvis.jpg)
>mcq witnessed some tatted up mexican steal a pair of my neighbors shoes and leave his old ones in his place then walk across the street to the drug dealers house
on one hand my neighbors are hospice with no fence and leave stuff laying about their deck area and on the other, i could easily have opened my door and told him to fuck off. but i lack a gun and he had 20-30 pounds on me.

i think its time to become a snitch and get rid of that drug dealer across the street.

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 20:08:07 [Preview] No.290261 del
(149.82 KB 1003x744 concept art.jpg)
Well I had to reinstall Windows completely.
Now I need to redownload all my programs.
Get all my music, pictures, videos, etc. back into the HHD.

Then install linux.

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 20:11:25 [Preview] No.290262 del
(21.92 KB 412x232 serveimage (4).jpeg)
ayy hermano, don't deliver a fellow doyer to the judge

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 20:19:54 [Preview] No.290264 del
what kind of shit ass neighborhood can't even leave shoes out without being stolen?

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 20:22:43 [Preview] No.290265 del
drug dealer across the street attracted a lot of shady people.

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 20:27:04 [Preview] No.290266 del
plant a bomb and make it look like a meth explosion

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 20:35:10 [Preview] No.290268 del
Install XP and never have to reinstall again.

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 20:37:28 [Preview] No.290269 del
(152.62 KB 1125x844 マー君 👍.jpg)
go yankees
tanaka is back

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 20:38:22 [Preview] No.290270 del
(82.66 KB 602x599 oats.jpg)
Sounds like you need to start on the Squats 'n Oats® diet and go kick his ass!

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 21:01:03 [Preview] No.290273 del

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 21:03:03 [Preview] No.290274 del

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 21:13:31 [Preview] No.290275 del
I know it's a meme but does it work?

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 21:14:39 [Preview] No.290276 del
>do memes work

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 21:23:08 [Preview] No.290278 del
do they?

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 21:24:14 [Preview] No.290279 del
(6.68 KB 250x250 cr-watches.jpg)

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 21:45:20 [Preview] No.290282 del
The GHOSTlympics have begun

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 21:47:25 [Preview] No.290283 del
the what?

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 21:51:56 [Preview] No.290284 del

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 22:00:20 [Preview] No.290286 del

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 22:01:19 [Preview] No.290287 del
(151.69 KB 500x551 furry.jpg)

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 22:23:01 [Preview] No.290292 del
(78.19 KB 1279x693 puls ingredients.jpg)
have you had your ration today legionnaire

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 22:24:30 [Preview] No.290293 del
(233.53 KB 391x393 nugs-dafuq.PNG)

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 22:45:17 [Preview] No.290301 del
you just jealous that he makes more money than you

pretty much any these days unless you're really secluded

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:08:45 [Preview] No.290317 del
(517.21 KB 584x318 kc-kot.PNG)
go GOATyals

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:11:07 [Preview] No.290318 del
me 2 budy

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:11:48 [Preview] No.290319 del
(194.18 KB 960x540 tanaka 13 starts.jpg)

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:15:46 [Preview] No.290321 del
masahiro gonna get OWNED by Ben Shapiro

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:22:29 [Preview] No.290323 del
I'm still mad at this guy

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:23:12 [Preview] No.290324 del
[errors internally]

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:26:17 [Preview] No.290325 del
what did he do to you?
ben shapiro is not a baseball player

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:28:12 [Preview] No.290326 del
it's more how the indians batters kept swinging at his one sinker even though that was the only thing he threw all night in the alds last year

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:34:37 [Preview] No.290328 del
(909.98 KB 320x180 dove-hit-ball.gif)
its time to do thangz to burds

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:42:02 [Preview] No.290329 del
I thought ben shapiro was that guy on the brewers

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:42:02 [Preview] No.290330 del
Where did you come from x'lady
And ooh won't you take me there
Right away
won't you baby
Tendoroni you've got to be
Spark my nature
Sugar fly with me

Don't you know now
Is the perfect time
We can make it right
Hit the city lights
Then tonight ease the lovin' pain
Let me take you to the max

I want to love you (P-Y-T)
Pretty young thing
You need some lovin' (T-L-C)
Tender lovin' care
And I'll take you there

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:44:45 [Preview] No.290332 del

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:44:55 [Preview] No.290333 del
(28.81 KB 561x727 frekle gook.jpg)

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:46:11 [Preview] No.290334 del

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:55:19 [Preview] No.290335 del

Spartan 07/10/2018 (Tue) 23:57:50 [Preview] No.290336 del
this kills dots

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:02:44 [Preview] No.290346 del
(93.41 KB 1280x720 bluejay.jpg)
cool when al pitchers can actually bat

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:06:35 [Preview] No.290355 del
red sox keep on getting away with it

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:13:07 [Preview] No.290366 del
wsop on, wadina has her sunglasses off

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:13:36 [Preview] No.290368 del
nah. legal weed here fam. only dealers that survive are ones that sell ditch weed to dirty mexicans and niggers.

they are poor as fuck, right now there is one of those big bulky old 40+" TVs sitting in his driveway. i think they gave away their dog or killed it too. sucks cause that mutt was friends with my dog, their dog would dig under their fence and visit my dog. my dog even dug a hole under my fence for him to visit.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:15:26 [Preview] No.290373 del
Nice sexy jean jacket

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:19:52 [Preview] No.290381 del
(67.74 KB 1920x977 black out.jpg)
>black out in vegas

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:27:56 [Preview] No.290387 del
(108.11 KB 800x533 kelly-minkin.jpg)
(18.96 KB 323x300 kelly-minkin-bobs.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:29:15 [Preview] No.290388 del
(1.25 MB 1080x1350 1531269108846.jpg)
(1.25 MB 1080x1350 1531269109077.jpg)
its her brother btw

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:32:36 [Preview] No.290390 del
(1.11 MB 266x200 rejoice.mp4)
>mary feet pics

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:32:58 [Preview] No.290391 del
(60.38 KB 493x821 mary glasses.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:36:17 [Preview] No.290392 del
(148.07 KB 1437x634 croppedImage.png)
I like her emoji usage

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:38:02 [Preview] No.290393 del
(120.48 KB 960x540 birdy 3 run hr.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:46:21 [Preview] No.290396 del
my god is that chewbacca?

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:46:40 [Preview] No.290397 del
me on the left

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:48:34 [Preview] No.290399 del
her brother is pretty cute too tbfh

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:50:51 [Preview] No.290400 del
>qt chub toes

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:53:03 [Preview] No.290401 del
(50.35 KB 849x769 stare.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 00:57:44 [Preview] No.290402 del
dumb bitch

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 01:28:38 [Preview] No.290406 del
she is bleeding chips ;_;

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 01:32:42 [Preview] No.290409 del
i don't like this vietcong guy phan with the tats

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 01:36:27 [Preview] No.290410 del
i lik phant budy

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 01:44:18 [Preview] No.290411 del
wadina's gone ;_;
she was qt

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:03:51 [Preview] No.290414 del
fuck. i went to take a shit and she got eliminated?? she had 1.5mil or something

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:11:07 [Preview] No.290415 del
goc ubs

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:26:33 [Preview] No.290417 del
(63.18 KB 700x466 owl-grill2.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:31:14 [Preview] No.290419 del
that a labradoodle?

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:31:31 [Preview] No.290420 del
padres ball gril it thICC but i deleted my pics of her

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:33:39 [Preview] No.290421 del
either that or a closely shorn portuguese water coon

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:35:16 [Preview] No.290422 del
Literally both my neighbors got labradoodles last fall. They're ridiculously energetic and have those huge legs and paws. The one is a scaredy cat though which is funny considering he's fucking huge.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:36:16 [Preview] No.290423 del
actually snout looks too long to be port. water coon

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:37:48 [Preview] No.290424 del
317 961 0304
megamilks phone number. really. not sure what to do with it tbh, just posting it here.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:38:15 [Preview] No.290425 del
yeah a lot of people associate "poodle" with the little toy size that old ladies have but the medium and giant versions are super athletic mofos, really smart and rowdy coons

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:38:25 [Preview] No.290427 del
post it on bronnen

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:38:30 [Preview] No.290428 del
you mean Bo: The GHOST Coon?

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:39:30 [Preview] No.290429 del
i know that they can be malicous but i dont think they really have anything against him. he just showed up a handful of times on bronnen and got bullied, thats about his entire history with them as far as i know.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:39:56 [Preview] No.290430 del
yeah I just think bronnen will do some weird shit with it though

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:43:11 [Preview] No.290431 del
I'm sure he'll chime in soon. he seems to still lurk here

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:46:03 [Preview] No.290433 del
(184.03 KB 1600x1400 enemy-visitor.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:46:26 [Preview] No.290434 del
im probably just gonna put it a few places that hell starting getting weird phone calls (scammers and perverts). thats about the best thing i can think of right now.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 02:58:55 [Preview] No.290435 del
he can change his number easily tho. you shouldve saved it for a rainy day. usually when they piss you off

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:00:10 [Preview] No.290437 del
ill find some gay hook up sites
im sure he will enjoy it

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:00:27 [Preview] No.290438 del
ah well im still working on getting a full dox together of him eventually i will.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:06:38 [Preview] No.290439 del
(40.97 KB 827x820 THICC MOMACITA.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:06:55 [Preview] No.290440 del
in my mind this is megamilk

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:07:38 [Preview] No.290441 del
(1.24 MB 1280x720 mm (2).mp4)
(995.56 KB 1152x643 Webcam.png)
in my mind this is megamilk

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:10:31 [Preview] No.290442 del

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:13:44 [Preview] No.290443 del
i have fapped to her many times

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:14:36 [Preview] No.290444 del
i have fapped to her many times already

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:15:26 [Preview] No.290445 del
this irritates me. you cant even see anything worth fapping to. not even a well turned ankle.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:17:18 [Preview] No.290446 del

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:17:34 [Preview] No.290447 del
(103.30 KB 671x700 grilla-nocs.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:18:25 [Preview] No.290448 del
(229.13 KB 1280x900 1531188971822.jpg)
i also fap to this

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:21:03 [Preview] No.290449 del
thats a man tho

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:22:21 [Preview] No.290451 del
(60.20 KB 789x1024 1531240558175.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:22:28 [Preview] No.290452 del
GOATyals running thangs

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:22:59 [Preview] No.290453 del
absolutely HSV

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:23:48 [Preview] No.290454 del
gook poon is thicc tho

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:25:18 [Preview] No.290455 del
real life pic of me

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:25:41 [Preview] No.290456 del
wanna kik?

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:26:44 [Preview] No.290457 del
(281.98 KB 513x587 1478998502012.png)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:30:22 [Preview] No.290459 del
different strokes

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:36:22 [Preview] No.290460 del

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:36:45 [Preview] No.290461 del
More like different volts! Send him to the bog boys! We don't take kindly to degenerates around here!

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:42:51 [Preview] No.290462 del
(31.02 KB 481x600 lil-babby-subway.jpg)
i rally like the KOTH episode where bobby joins a juco meat inspection competition team

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:43:47 [Preview] No.290463 del
padres rhythmic slapping noises for the doyers

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:56:59 [Preview] No.290465 del
I drove to Joplin today and the K"c" game was on at least 6 different radio stations at the same time

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 03:59:04 [Preview] No.290466 del
I'm sorry budy

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:00:13 [Preview] No.290468 del
and still no close ups of the two qt ball girls.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:01:17 [Preview] No.290469 del
its cool getting different games hundreds and hundreds of miles away when you are out hunting and its a super clear night

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:02:38 [Preview] No.290470 del
(2.31 MB 4160x2340 20180710_191136.jpg)
If you were really sorry you would drive the 155 miles and have a proper /sp/artan meetup

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:04:34 [Preview] No.290471 del
The only other game I was able to tune was st louis

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:06:12 [Preview] No.290472 del
I'm too comfy and I'm spent from 4 straight nights of restroom tapping

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:06:58 [Preview] No.290473 del
i like to get some taco time for a good colon cleanse after a marathoner like that

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:08:29 [Preview] No.290474 del
i mean taco bell

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:08:49 [Preview] No.290475 del
you have been exposed as seabitch

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:09:53 [Preview] No.290476 del
In-a-tub tacos work great for me

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:10:43 [Preview] No.290477 del
(143.01 KB 720x960 coonhole.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:11:30 [Preview] No.290478 del
look that is no excuse at all for a member of the meth race
you should be able to take a plunger and drive straight to joplin NOW
I went to the casino that is half in kansas and half in oklahoma today we can easily score more meths there

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:15:16 [Preview] No.290480 del
I bet if you come from Oklahoma you'd be there, Sooner

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:15:36 [Preview] No.290481 del
cut everyone on the doyers

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:17:06 [Preview] No.290482 del
(56.78 KB 550x412 big-brutus.jpg)
did ya go see BIG BRUTUS in west mineral ks?

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:18:44 [Preview] No.290483 del

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:19:07 [Preview] No.290484 del
that a dragline?

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:20:52 [Preview] No.290485 del
thats a big shovel

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:22:37 [Preview] No.290486 del

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:23:44 [Preview] No.290487 del

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:24:19 [Preview] No.290488 del
>enters bathroom
>loud clanging of silverware commences
dude what the fuck

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:24:38 [Preview] No.290489 del
holy fuck thats awesome

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:25:24 [Preview] No.290490 del

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:25:57 [Preview] No.290491 del
i wanna fuck that little mexican bitch

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:26:23 [Preview] No.290492 del
>he doesn't have his din din while foot tapping
everyone laugh at this nerd

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:26:38 [Preview] No.290493 del
bathroom stalls. write something hot llike call for hot pozhole

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:27:02 [Preview] No.290494 del
WSOP night session on

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:27:33 [Preview] No.290495 del
ruined. if you married mary she would throw your guns away.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:28:24 [Preview] No.290496 del
wtf is my landlord doing there

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:29:05 [Preview] No.290497 del
old timey vagrants, guarantee it, splittin' a bean even.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:29:39 [Preview] No.290499 del
your life is a meme
tell him to post on the sportschan

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:30:21 [Preview] No.290500 del
i mean the squats part works
dont think you could eat enough oats alone to be at caloric parity. they're rally filling ;_;

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:32:47 [Preview] No.290502 del
(271.44 KB 1999x1333 vsco_032017.jpg)
no way. she seems to be susceptible to suggestion. few weeks and she will be normal

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:41:49 [Preview] No.290509 del
(84.29 KB 1280x720 hauler.jpg)
i lik big equipment

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:48:30 [Preview] No.290511 del
(48.16 KB 644x335 lesean.PNG)
i never liked this gaynigger mccoy

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:52:30 [Preview] No.290512 del
he hired me to beat his exgf within an inch of her life whats the big deal?

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:54:31 [Preview] No.290514 del
I'm only angry about the claim he beat his coon so bad it had kidney failure.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:55:02 [Preview] No.290515 del
(23.64 KB 1280x768 W.png)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 04:59:09 [Preview] No.290516 del
(87.06 KB 1280x720 poker.jpg)
looks kind of like xyzz

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:00:41 [Preview] No.290518 del
you union?

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:08:25 [Preview] No.290519 del
(42.79 MB 1280x720 nyc-shitfamily.mp4)
I really don't think I could handle living in da sauna (or san fran) without going full zodiac

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:22:39 [Preview] No.290522 del
its crossed my mind trust me. good cop

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:22:47 [Preview] No.290523 del
u17 in 30 mins then U23s right after

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:24:55 [Preview] No.290524 del
(74.60 KB 198x380 hansen.png)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:26:15 [Preview] No.290525 del
hey dumbass the oldest he did was 14 because 15 year olds look mature enough and anything 16+ is legal

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:30:08 [Preview] No.290527 del
(398.37 KB 1920x1080 bundaball.jpg)
any bundaball is worth watching

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:33:43 [Preview] No.290529 del
(382.41 KB 1920x1080 vball.jpg)
you must be gay

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:37:11 [Preview] No.290530 del
(1.81 MB 245x200 bosh-eye.gif)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:39:07 [Preview] No.290531 del
(380.41 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0008.jpg)
(372.21 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0005.jpg)

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:43:31 [Preview] No.290532 del
(383.46 KB 1920x1080 number 8.jpg)
holy fuck

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:49:23 [Preview] No.290534 del
(1.84 MB 1280x720 Jaimie Thibeault .webm)
>goes to university of montana

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:51:27 [Preview] No.290535 del
healthy looking bunda

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:53:18 [Preview] No.290536 del
(2.09 MB 1280x720 bunda shake.webm)
its pretty crazy. not a fan of their tropical themed spandex

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 05:58:17 [Preview] No.290537 del
(385.14 KB 1920x1080 Abby Sprat.jpg)
i think this number 4 has the best one shape wise. number 8 is tall so its just plain bigger.

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 06:00:35 [Preview] No.290539 del
(138.73 KB 2000x831 warm ups.jpg)
they still warming up. its da czechs vs da best coast usa

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 06:14:11 [Preview] No.290540 del
(379.26 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0010.jpg)
g*d dam whole team slaps number 8 bunda for good luck

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 06:21:38 [Preview] No.290542 del
(388.81 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0012.jpg)
i want number 8 and number 2 in a lesbian porn now ;_;

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 06:24:58 [Preview] No.290543 del
>Prop 187
>Californians tried to save their state
>It passes
>Gets eviscerated in courts because it "infringed on the federal government's exclusive jurisdiction over matters relating to immigration"
>California outright ignoring the jurisdiction of the Federal Government
>Its not a problem at all because it accomplishes their goal
holy fucking shit im so fucking rabid these hook nosed scheming kikes

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 06:29:27 [Preview] No.290544 del
lol git fucked it's called diversity, by speaking truth to power WE will overcome because WE are on the right side of history

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 07:10:01 [Preview] No.290550 del
I'd have to go full hitler to tolerate that place

Spartan 07/11/2018 (Wed) 11:28:10 [Preview] No.290566 del
so this is what dots does when the yankees are losing

Spartan 07/12/2018 (Thu) 12:02:39 [Preview] No.290946 del
(27.12 KB 1214x483 we to budy.png)

Spartan 07/12/2018 (Thu) 12:41:12 [Preview] No.290949 del
any state that borders the ocean is a lost cause

Spartan 07/12/2018 (Thu) 16:46:37 [Preview] No.290985 del
but the climate is so nice.
give me a few years to work my magic.
-Big Z

Spartan 07/12/2018 (Thu) 22:23:40 [Preview] No.291062 del
thats not true

Spartan 08/03/2018 (Fri) 21:47:07 [Preview] No.297030 del
vrry twooo

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