Sunflower 06/22/2022 (Wed) 19:00:01 Id: 8e176c No.1656 del
Locking chakras is no different from strength training at first. You contract muscles, then release. This way you learn control and develop your nerves. Normally you'd sync with breathing so
>breath in, contract muscle (lock chakra)
>breath out, relax muscle (open chakra)
Then you move on to holding it in isometric contraction while breathing in and out, trying to keep your breathing relaxed under strain.

The root lock in common practice means to contract the middle section, this is often called "kegel" in mainstream fitness, but there are 3 types of them so it's not as simple as that. The middle one in my experience simply strengthens whatever else you are doing, the energy flow gets stronger like a river made to flow in a narrow canal. This means whatever energy in any direction will get stronger, so if you fuck up you make it way worse. That may also be a reason to not teach newbs to do this.

>every chakra has 7 spikes
The spikes can form if using the "vampire" energy when locking a chakra. To make out the difference between the 7 chakras, remember how the days of the week are from Genesis where different parts of creation refers to different days. This is the same principle. For every chakra, you can find the 7 chakras represented. So the root chakra has all chakras in it, and then you start with root of root, then sacral of root, solar plexus of root... and so on.

The trick here is then that you hold root lock and add the corresponding lock inside it, for each chakra. Then you do "root of sacral, sacral of sacral, solar of sacral...etc."

To understand this conceptually you need to practice the different locks individually.