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A big circle around the whole body is your paradise, it's the expanded version of your astral "womb" which has grown from the dantian. I'm not entirely sure how it develops but it seems maybe it's outside the body if your body is male, while for females it's still inside the body and doesn't appear like this? Other people also talked about this thing before, we called it "rebirthing", where a deity or other entity can take you inside them and then give birth to you so you automatically inherit the seed of their skills instead of having to teach you. Yuuka also invited different people into her paradise to rest this way, it's still inside her body, not outside like with the buddha.

Some artist fittingly made this drawing.

If it's a halo around the head it can have different meanings, I was once given a halo by an angel and it was a kind of astral device like a hat.

In the buddha image here posted there's petals around the circle, from my understanding this represents his followers in unity, or the different schools emerging from him. There can be all kinds of symbolism.

Djinn categorize vampires as archangels, they see it as a gradual difference of ethereal vs desire based, not as different types of entities. This supports the idea that the bible with OT+NT works for both angels and vampires depending on how you use it (or even devils who may use an inverted understanding, deriving satanism from it).