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Society is mental illness. This is what the greys told me. They said, when discussing djinn waves, that schizophrenia is just seeing things that are not accepted by society. Insanity is relative to your surroundings. Discovering anything new always means to do something insane, in the eyes of others. A perfectly sane person has only the most common views, no matter what they are. A society which only has sane people cannot make any scientific or technological discoveries.

I found that society itself is like a mental illness, the essence of mental illness. The mentally ill will say the most absurd things, and take them seriously 100%. This is what people are doing in any society. What they say is only sane because it's a common view. Move that person with the same view 100 years away from his own time, and he will be seen as insane for sure. Sanity is only conformity. North Korea and China are both very sane countries, perhaps the most sane in the world, because everyone there thinks in the same way. A large population where everyone thinks and acts in unison, means that they can be seen as the model of sanity in the world. From an objective standpoint, the largest conformist population will be the most sane population, no matter their views.