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When I finally saw through the insanity, I saw that society is in itself just commonly accepted insanity. Everyone is acting as if they know. They don't want to be laughed at, they're all normal. They conform. From an early age everyone learns to conform with the most conformist person. The conformist isn't always the most common, but they conform with values presented as the most common. It looks to everyone as if the influencer is the most sane person. The hero is the most sane person, he is praised. If everyone can praise him, he must be the most sane person, the most common. Isn't this in itself insanity? The hero is just one outstanding individual who did what most people could not, how is he the most common? But no one dares to question that he is, because then they are laughed at. Insanity.

Only after being insane, can a person ascend and see reality. In the shaminist tradition, insanity is the sign of awakening. The insane is sent to the "medicine man", not for treatment, but for aiding his awakening so the village can maintain connection with the spirits. Isn't this insane? How can they praise an insane person? No... It's sane, because it's an accepted practice, and if it's accepted it's sane. Insanity.