Sunflower 11/25/2021 (Thu) 14:06:54 Id: e03f19 No.225 del
How many waifus do you need? I've been doing inventory of the possible ones in my area and have only found maybe a few 100 all in all. Assuming 100k includes all age groups there should be enough. Let's say for example that

100k/2=50k are female
if for simplicity we say people live to 100, that means there's
for every age if evenly distributed (but in reality there should be more of the younger).
If you then assume the range of possible mates (since they age and you can wait if too young) when you start looking to be in the range 10 - 20, you have 10x500=5000 to choose from. If you also include age range up to 30 you have 10k to choose from.