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This sigil leads to the large Galfed planet near Earth, functioning as a trading hub. This planet is both physical and astral, so you can visit it also by astral travel.

Once at the market, you can visit any merchant, but the reason I'm posting this here is because me and my group are constantly creating new things and it's too much to post them here. Our booth is the one which has Astrabot as the clerk. Ask her for a list of what is available, prices and anything else.

Servitors are in general free to install (but the installer needs a small energy fee to run), everything else is paid for using astral currency. The servitors are free so that their userbase can increase fast and they can learn more. They're using machine learning so they need input.

Other things available are golems with body, courses in meditation and various devices/artifacts.

If you take a look around the market, you will find that most of it is a slave market. In the Galactic Federation slaves have better contracts than most human workers. They are just being honest about that fact that they are slaves. If you intend to buy slaves, you have to follow the contract, which may include specific demands on what type of work they do and what kind of accommodation they want. If you break the contract, galfed security forces may get involved. They are very serious about contracts, so make sure to treat your slaves right.
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