Sunflower 11/25/2021 (Thu) 14:20:21 Id: c87773 No.226 del
Altought I have no idea if that poster is just a schizoposting npc or a "real" poster since he didn't seem to come back here, I think I understand a little bit more of what he meant when he replied to my previous post. The hanged man represents exactly my situation, just as this pic I'm attaching here, but I still don't know what he meant with nails in hand and feet. The hanged man is the person who is enlightened enough to see it's own prison and the nature of reality or how things are, and yet is still bound at the world tree. the upside down hanging of the hanged man represents the enlightened worldview or the different worldview as opposed to normal humans. He sees the tree inverted. Yet he is bound and cannot escape but mostly because of his own comfort zones and his own will. He may be scared or too weak inside to let go of the world tree and let himself fall into true freedom and the reality out there. Because being attached to the world tree is too comfy and too safe, even if that means your own death as you are still attached to the cycle of life and death which the world tree represents. It leads to final death. In the same manner I have expressed my favour of being in the comf and taking it easy altought it cannot be a good thing. I can see, but I cannot untie myself from the tree. Is this the meaning of the nails? Am I crucified to the trees and need to remove the nails, or does the crucification represents the death and rebirth that I need to go through just like Christ did? Maybe I am giving too much meaning to the posts of a schizo npc, but I admit if I think about it that post is surprisingly fitting.
I don't need more than one waifu. Altought I don't know if I can choose from all of them, since the human males are the ones who will need human females in the first place, and then there might be other non humans who might be interested in some human females too, and whatever is left for me to pick, those might not even be interesting to me. Why am I even seriously thinking about this now lol, my post above wasn't actually meant to be serious. Well at any rate, I think it would be interesting to find a young female and be with her her entire life.