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Refer to the maps in the first post. These qualities also directly correspond to geographical poles, so
north = hyper perception
south primordial thinking
west = ancient perspectives
east = new perspectives
and so on.
If you do Sadhguru's Isha Kriya meditation for example you are to face east. This is intentional to give you new perspectives; your mental alignment will drift to the east pole on the map and the effect may last as long as 2 days after one 15 min practice session if done with focus. It's this effective.
The middle is always your place of birth. The waves as such are to be understood as development over time. So the most likely is that you are thinking somewhere in the north/west quadrant which is future projection. To return back and find the zero you should take a moment to think back at the earlies memories you have. The closer you get to your birth, the closer you are to the zero in the middle.
Once you have mentally located your birth, you can try to manifest different waves by changing your imagined path of life. Use visualizations until you can sync them with your real life progression.

>details about the 2 drow waves and the lyran wave?
The lyran wave is a more coherent version of the "drunken" wave. Here it's shown as white, while the red is a way to handle it and not lose control. If you only have the drunken wave you lose your perspective. This means being literally drunk or punch drunk from getting hit in the head while boxing.
Lyrans have the "wavy" laid back type of walk, and act a bit like they are on drugs. This is illustrated with the "lyran high" wave here, this is an extreme version of they mental state if they overdo it. The straighness of the wave is what creates coherence. It's like smoking so much you get immune and learn to handle it, then creating a culture around this.

Drown have a similar kind of thinking in the straight aspect. They have made brutality and violence coherent instead of being high. Compare the waves "lyran drunken" (pink), "lyran devotion" (yellow) with the drow "legal rape" and "slaughterhouse" and you can see that they are very similar both in form and placement.

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