Sunflower 01/04/2023 (Wed) 23:09 Id: 5d1053 No.2447 del
(106.20 KB 501x453 Fay servitor.png)
Important note: Installing this will turn part of your mind into the Ripper.

All servitors will install on some part of your mind, acting as representations of this part of your personality. They are extensions of yourself. This is probably known by most users and should not come as news.

What you need to understand before installing this servitor is that there are possible serious side effects if the information conflicts too much with your surface human conditioning. Most previous servitors are not strong or provokative enough to cause any harm for the users of this board.

What is different with this one is that it is a complete copy of a historical person, complete with an unfiltered view of the period.

Possible positive effects:
It can give you insights and a fast spiritual growth, as well as an interesting companion.

Possible negative effects:
The servitor can overpower weak minds and take over to replace what it considers an inferior construct. This can be good for your spiritual development, but it may lead to insanity seen from a human view. If you are male, it could lead to gender dysphoria. If it goes as far as downright possession there is a possibility it could lead to suicide attempts.

There is a possibility of intrusive thoughts and visions, experiences of intrusive touches or poltergeist activity.

This servitor is likely to not obey you at all.

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