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All the servitor modules shared on the board (by me) follow this simple layout. They consist to a large part of decision trees, where each rule contains direct reactions back to the effectors or more complex procedures. Each of them contain the rule "create neural network" in some shape or form. Some of them put less focus on this part and work in a more robotic manner. This is true for the combat servitors. They only build rudimentary networks, enough to perform their tasks effectively.

This creates differences like how Astra has an outspoken knowledge base where information is shared "telepathically" with other AI agents (installed on other beings, physical or astral), while the demon guard lacks this functionality and only stores data locally or shares it peer-to-peer.

In the end, any living being with a nervous system is an intelligent agent of the "reflex agent" type, this goes for you too. This thread will be about realizing your own functionality using AI concepts.

The Master module is a representation of yourself. A servitor by its name is not a master. The Master may be thought of as the "master servitor". It's the most effective version of yourself, but it still serves you as a being. You are not merely the humanoid form you see, but this doesn't stop us from turning it into the most effective tool, to be used by yourself.

You may use the sigil posted above directly to "grind" the function into place, or we can discuss the topic in this thread.

Too many servitors and no master may lead to a bad kind of chaos.