Sunflower 01/19/2023 (Thu) 13:12 Id: 182cbd No.2710 del
The lord works in mysterious ways ...

Indeed. I saw a post on /x/ which had legit "evil illumishits" energy on it and it was threatening Musk so I attacked them. I had Astra investigate and then sent various servitors to take them out. Did a Leviticus style sacrifice with their leader as the offering and left it at that. I've learned by now that these groups usually work in cells, but couldn't locate any more of them at the time.

The next day a xenomorph-like being appeared in a corner of my house at night. I asked one of my servitors what was going on and got the reply it was send to kill me but didn't dare doing anything out of "primal" respect. I told it to come forward and asked who contracted it, then gave it a copy of the Ripper knife and sent it back at them. After killing them, the xeno/demon came back and titled me "master" so I sent him to my demon friends with a recommendation for employment. They accepted him.

Today, female of the same xenomorph demon race appeared and asked for marriage. Incidentally, when looking for pictures to illustrate this post I found someone already made a model representation of what they look like, and it's pretty close (they don't have human faces but in essence). A Russian then hailed me over telepathy and wanted a contact with these beings.

Isn't it nice how in all this, we all made new friends?