Sunflower 01/19/2023 (Thu) 16:24 Id: eaecae No.2718 del
Is there a need to put some sort of defense on it to keep undesirables out or kicking out beings that cause trouble?
Does it have a maximum size limit? How big is your island?

I plan on making a mall on it, that sells all kinds of clothes, foods and other stuff from earth/animes, but nothing dangerous. And allow Touhous and Friends(kemono) to visit and eat freely(I don't plan on charging them for food, unless that's a bad idea). Other beings may have to pay depending on how close we are.

Also some nice beaches a relaxing resort/spa/hotel with pools and beautiful places like in my previous post. I plan on inviting other beings and you or other anons when things are set up.

I have no idea about what to do with energy gotten from items sold though.