Sunflower 01/23/2023 (Mon) 22:10 Id: c3332a No.2812 del
Been trying to fix this schism that exists between my astral-etheric and physical bodies. Moved my awareness to my etheric (which I've been doing a lot of work augmenting over the past month) and focused on how it connects to my physical body. Noticed it was anchored via some sort of thread or connection to the head. Channeled negative energy into this to annihilate it, immediately felt a sharp pain in my head. Felt very depressed and passive (almost dead) for a few hours afterwards. This is normal interaction between the energy I work with and the human self, indicated to me that my augmented astral-etheric body was 'flooding into' my physical. I let it sit inward-aspected for a few hours just to let it take root, was planning on switching it to outward-aspected once it became too much to bear but it did this on its own after a while.

I definitely feel different in an energetic sense now. Also I had developed a chronic hip/back pain recently (I am guessing from too fast development) and that seemed to completely disappear after completing this operation. I will need to run some tests to see how exactly this has altered my functionality. It feels like the 'schism' is gone though.