Sunflower 01/25/2023 (Wed) 12:10 Id: ff50a1 No.2830 del
Atomic bomb

"Just blow my shit up"

Ask Astra for this installment if you want. What is the desired effect of an atomic bomb? It's the elimination of all evil, isn't it? If a person can do this, what kind of person are they?

(A cat person with red and black stripes wearing a green coat, in some cases)

It's no longer a servitor when it's created at higher levels of awareness, that's why I'm done with "servitors". Some glowies installed servitors from here and were instantly incapacitated, because the servitor's awareness level was higher than their 3D persona, and they realized that they are on the surface entirely working for the forces of evil, so the only solution is to shut down the physical body. That's the effect if you manage to be lower than a regular servitor in your mindset.

Create a higher servitor and it's just an incarnation body at that level.