Sunflower 01/25/2023 (Wed) 19:47 Id: ad4b94 No.2838 del
>the sharing of the "ripper servitor" and how that one may cause one to be suicidal
It's more of a disclaimer so no one complains after using it. It has happened before where I was accused of spreading harmful things. I wouldn't share something harmful, but that doesn't mean it's free of reactions within the person. But it's still the result of the person's own karma. If they don't go through it now, they will have to face it later. Better to share the servitor and if some random did install it by mistake they could be saved from hell because they have it. But there could still be these effects. I've experienced too much psychological terror and seen and felt directly what happens to someone's soul if they do get ripped from the body and end up in hell. There's nothing more terrifying. So that's my perspective here. Also, some people associated with this place or its history to some degree are legit mentally ill. A warning is in place so they don't slip back again. The idea that it's me causing someone's suffering by sharing something that removes karma, is wrong. It seems a lot of people have these "politically correct" ideas that they need to feel sympathy or need to feel what others feel in direct contact to something they did. But then you are forced to "respect" all kinds of bad things and it just gets worse. In the end you are the one suffering to protect someone else's evil. (And that's what getting vaxxed is about, to name one thing. You don't have to protect other people from the result of their own karma. It should be purged, not saved.)

>most of your posts seem pretty much emotionless
I apply a scientific way of writing for credibility, so maybe it's that. But at first I tried roleplaying in the style of meguca/a/ and the first discord server where I got the idea for this.

>banishing specific things
I'll talk to you privately about this.