Sunflower 01/25/2023 (Wed) 20:50 Id: 2640e6 No.2839 del
>Better to share the servitor and if some random did install it by mistake they could be saved from hell because they have it. But there could still be these effects. I've experienced too much psychological terror and seen and felt directly what happens to someone's soul if they do get ripped from the body and end up in hell. There's nothing more terrifying. So that's my perspective here.
I understand your view better now, Its probably from me not knowing about the terrors oh hell (I don't wanna know) that I fear and dislike physical suffering.

>The idea that it's me causing someone's suffering by sharing something that removes karma, is wrong.
Yeah that would be wrong, I see your perspective now. I'm still not fond of causing suffering, but I understand your view.

>I apply a scientific way of writing for credibility, so maybe it's that.
That makes sense.

>I'll talk to you privately about this.