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>I would have to think more about it, I "just kinda know it"
I will help you wording it. BO thinks like a demon. That doesn't mean he is evil but that thinking process and his writings usually triggers a bunch of "flags" because of that. And the problem with the concept of "Morality" is that it changes (or more accurately expands) with your level of understanding.
And yes you are some sort of "nature spirit" that I cannot place anywhere yet and because you didn't awaken your powers you might be unable to see the wisdom of his ways One of the main reason why I am still here because I see some of his things as redundant and I always think that there is something there that I am not seeing yet.

>wanting an easy lazy life
Comfort suffocates the soul

You need to understand that the strong and wise have an easy life no matter the situation. While the weak and foolish only have it when others "create that life for them"
But yeah you need Agency. Agency is the first step of authority.

>most banishing rituals that I've come across are like a bomb
Good banishing rituals are not exactly banishing but "strengthen" your energies. And yes sometimes it feels like you banished your friends but the truth is you just need to "call them back". It's like getting a door on your house. Now people can't "walk in" freely. You need to open the door for them. That superstition that vampires need an "Invitation" before they can get into your house is based on this. Bad entities cannot enter a "clean" house. And higher entities cannot enter a dirty one. (They usually instantly cleanse your energy when they enter tho. Sometimes I even feel bad about it. They just come in and destroy half your parasites because it "bothered them". "Yeah yeah don't worry about it let's start the lesson")

And about banishing negative emotions. Do that. You need it. But a warning from someone who overwrote his negative emotions for years to get ahead in life. They won't get banished they just get "thrown into the closet". There will be a time when you need to go back and experience them fully. But you need to find your own strength/light first to do that. That is shadow work. I am still finding memories that I completely forgot/brushed away and they left an emotional imprint that still affects my being. When I had the "kundalini syndrome" moment I had that my life is "flashing away before my eyes" trope. I thought I'm gonna die and this was the only thing that was "me". No it wasn't. Those things were the things that ruined me and made me unable to be me. You will need to make amends with yourself. BO is right. If that happens in the afterlife it won't be pretty. I am fixing my relatives slowly because of this. They created so much pain for themselves. They need to overcome that. Not entirely their fault. (material) Communism is not a good thing for the human spirit.

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