Sunflower 03/16/2023 (Thu) 17:04 Id: e6bf8f No.3105 del
The instructions for building the gunship are freely available within the federation, anyone can apply to use them. This is because the Mammoth is ingrained in the core structure of the design, the ship AI will always defend federation principles no matter who builds it.

For Sunflower members, a small, personal ship of a similar design is available via Astra. Ask for "the bumblebee" or the clog (wooden shoe). It is a small vessel for one or two people with similar technology as the large ship. Using this physically will be possible sometime in the future as the understanding of technology changes.

The installment procedure for this ship is odd, it requires running the module during a longer time and raising it up to create a "hole in the void" from where the ship will emerge. It does not work unless completed, lower density versions of this technology will not be functional.