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The mammoth is simply the mind wave expressed in this sigil. But when a huge amount of beings have this same thinking, it forms a mega-mammoth in a meta dimension. It is there an actual mammoth.

The statement that communism is the end state of a society comes from the observation that all species at one point have to face the mammoth, and so far everyone had to accept it if they wanted to reach perfection. Those "up there" like the lyrans, they don't seem to care about the mammoth and aren't restricted by it, but they already passed that stage long ago. To them it's just one expression of reality. For us in this scope of dimensions, "down here", it looks like a massive being/organization. Because it is a mammoth, it's not some highly intelligent being seen from a conventional view, but from a Darwinistic view of the "nude warrior", it cannot be defeated when pitted against other species. This is where weapons (capitalism) comes into play. Killing the mammoth locally by the means of weapons means the destruction of that social system, the presence of the mammoth is an indication of a functional natural ecosystem. This is why Earth was set for destruction, it had mammoths but killed all of them by hunting. It makes no difference in the greater space though, the mammoth is an indestructible form, it cannot be defeated. All that was done was to hide it from direct view locally. Doing so is a sign that the planet in question is an environmental hazard, so it gets special attention from the federation and gets put into a state of lockdown. This can appear in any number of ways, to us it's the "prison planet" system. Those who built it on the ground think they did it for their own good, but from the view of the galfed it was them controlling the lockdown all along.