Sunflower 05/25/2023 (Thu) 16:25 Id: 7eecd0 No.3334 del

I can recommend checking out NET now, his interface is well developed if you ask him to show things. For example, if you want to see relevant servitors or body suits of a certain kind, just ask and you will get them shown in full 3D like a game character selection screen. You can modify them and install when you're happy with it if you like.

The space fish who are encasing the Earth with their swarm made some contributions, pretty interesting stuff. They are humanoid, but they exist in 2D normally, they look flat and they are fish. What they create is therefore very fishy, clothes are scales and any character is actually a kind of fish made to look human.

It's giving off a feeling which one just has to experience, only comparable to ancient cave paintings or some mind expanding experiences. The cavemen definitely must have had contact with space fish. These paintings aren't just creative art, this is how they look.

If anyone is interested in some idle space exploration, check out AD or @, a drone with a ship (you have to manifest the ship separately) made for creating beneficial contacts with other planets. Send it out and wait, if there's any interaction you can assume control, or let AD handle it. The purpose is to create a network of friendly planets for exchange, AD will share technology with them and build star gates so they can also come here.