Sunflower 05/25/2023 (Thu) 18:40 Id: 53dcab No.3339 del
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>they exist in 2D normally, they look flat and they are fish
I have seen them last year. First I thought it's the "Jesus Fish". And it seems most people managed to misinterpret that symbol.
While they had the Ichthys appearance they also had an eye. They were flat and 2D for me also. They appeared on my ceiling. Then I realized I can "move them". It seemed they are "attacking each other". It seemed like they are an "entire 2D realm" that is trying to push away the other. Then I realized with the "feeling of unity" I can make them "become one". While everyone interprets it with Jesus giving out fish and bread with the ability of "multiplication" the next step is the "unification of those that multiply" aka how cells multiply then become 1 organism. After this long multiplication and unification process a "hole" opened at my ceiling and a spider now in 3d made from these "eyes" crawled out and entered my body. With that I can "see" the "threads" these "fish" "swims through".

It seems things are "coming together" again because that giant tentacle monster "clogged these threads" and used the "enlarged clogs" as "wrecking balls" in the "reality crack".
These threads are the "low dimensional moving forces".

It seems I'm still learning the ropes huh